Elements of nature

Neha-Gandhi-lily-5Lilly Pulitzer top – c/o, skirt, Lilly Pulitzer beach bag – c/o, beach blanketbook

I often wonder, how running against the wind, getting blinded by the sweat helps me see things through. Or sitting across a fire on a cold dark night, looking at the starless sky and being able to suddenly see the light. Whether its the sound of the waves, sand under my toes or the warmth of the ocean itself – the water has always felt like home. Sometimes, when I sit on a crowded beach with the sun hitting my face – I feel a sense of being alone with myself and soft salty breeze feels like force of revival.


I have come to realize that I run away the complexities of life … towards the core basics … in search of balance. The balance that no worldliness can offer – it can only be so crudely sought in the basic raw elements that we are a part of… and more often than not… within!

Neha-Gandhi-lily-7 Neha-Gandhi-lily-3

Neha-Gandhi-lily-4 Neha-Gandhi-lily-2


Lilly Pulitzer top – c/o, skirt, Lilly Pulitzer beach bag – c/o, beach blanket, book



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  1. Neha, these pics are absolutely amazing! Nothing makes me feel better like sitting on the beach or sitting by the lake by our house. If I’m stressed or upset I always have to go for a walk and usually it brings me back around :)!

    You should do a tips for blogging post. I would love to hear your tips for photos and everything. You are such an inspiration to me and I really look up to you. You are not only beautiful but so incredibly kind and sweet. I’m really happy to have gotten to know more 🙂



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