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LovePlayingDressup_bedroom_OOTD-27I am back from New York Fashion Week and getting back into the swing of things. We had a very hectic schedule  ( but it was awesome and my favorite season yet – more on that soon ) –  but for now,  I have been meaning to share these pictures since a long time ( we had shot them when I had long hair – bahhh!!!! )

A lot of you had asked me to share more after I had done the sneak peek –  so sorry to keep you all waiting. But, I hope these are worth the wait and hope you like them.LovePlayingDressup_bedroom_OOTD-20

LovePlayingDressup_bedroom_OOTD-1LovePlayingDressup_bedroom_OOTD-2 LovePlayingDressup_bedroom_OOTD-8 LovePlayingDressup_bedroom_OOTD-15

Our bedroom is my haven – white and serene. I had always wanted to have a flowy-dreamy canopy and was so excited when we moved in our house and had a large enough bedroom to get a four-poster bed!


The firefly lights ( draped behind the canopy / on the headboard ) are such a cute addition. You can hang them anywhere – in your bedroom, over a frame, outside on the door, in your closet or throw it inside a big glass bowl – they really add to the dreamy effect in that space.


Now lets talk about the highlight in the bedroom! Amit made this trunk ( yup – he is kind of a genius – but really, I am the smart one here to have married him – no? =)) )

It might be my favorite piece from all his creations! The gold hardware and vintage black polish make it a true piece of art and is perfect for storing the extra blankets and throws ( which I can never get enough of =)) )




I’ve tried to link everything below – but let me know if you need any details on anything. I have received a lot of emails on the canopy ( especially on how to use it, if you dont have a four posted bed – I have added an option for that below as well ) xo -Neha

Four-posted bed | Dresser | Nightstands | Comforter set | Canopy ( you can use this without a four-poster bed by nailing the hook in the ceiling ) | Red sequins pillows | Firefly lights ( on the headboard )

On the nightstand ( my side ) : lamp | Paris frame

On the nightstand ( his side ) : lamp | chess 

rug on the trunk | books | coffee tray | vase

On the dresser : vase | frames

Outfit details : Dress | Shoes




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  1. I love these pictures so much! I feel as if this bedroom was made for you 🙂 I can’t wait to read all about NYFW! I really need to figure a way to get myself there!! Beautiful lady, really beautiful.
    Happy Friday!!
    Hope you stop by the latest!!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

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