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When I was little, I was a complete Daddy’s girl. My dad was so much fun to be around, and we loved to play and go on adventures together. Growing up, we always had the most fun driving around and exploring. My favorite trip was one we took together when I was 12, where we drove to the Northernmost tip of Washington and proceeded to camp our way down the entire Washington and Oregon coast. It was a fantastic trip – we laughed until we cried almost every night, and played on the beach nearly every day.                                                         999740_10151681175519767_1199594447_n (1)


Whether we were just driving an hour into the city, or on an extended trip down the West Coast, my memories are always of happiness and laughter on the road.



All of my happy childhood memories of road trips with my dad have stuck with me – to this day  I still love to taking long car rides and go on lengthy camping trips more than almost any other vacation. Camping along the Oregon Coast remains my favorite trip, and I love that I can continue to follow a tradition we made together.



Now that I embark on my own road trips, I’ve come to realize that there is a TON of planning that’s required, and so many necessities to bring. There are ten essential road trip items that I can’t live without, and I want to share them with you so you can plan your perfect trip and make your own lasting memories. (:  – xo Taylor

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