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loveplayingdressup-ootd-neha-gandhi-nyfw-5Outfit details : Sunglasses, Primary NY dress – c/o, shoes – similar here & here, Jimmy choo clutch ( budget options : here and this one’s really cute, this one is below $25 )


With each season as I attend the Fashion Week, I fall more in love and awe for this world. To me – it’s just not about great creations, beautiful models, talented designers, influential bloggers and publishers – but more so about real people who live and breathe this world and strive really hard (contrary to the popular belief of many) to create something unique and legendary.
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Let me tell you something you haven’t read inspite of devouring all magazine coverage, blog posts and Instagram feeds.loveplayingdressup-ootd-neha-gandhi-nyfw-4loveplayingdressup-ootd-neha-gandhi-nyfw-3

Literally everyone complains about their feet hurting from running show-show, one end of the city to other in those sky-high heels. I cannot even count the number of women coming out of shows, turning into a side-street and changing into flip-flops. How do I know this? – I am one of them!loveplayingdressup-ootd-neha-gandhi-nyfw-6loveplayingdressup-ootd-neha-gandhi-nyfw-1

Infact I had a rather disastrous moment before an event. Amit & I were shooting this look around Fifth Ave and I was then supposed to go to the rewardStyle Party (hugely popular amongst brands and bloggers alike) We miscalculated the time it would take me to get there and by the time I was ready to leave for the event, it was really late and I had to resort to taking the subway (in my heels!) – sans flip-flops because my clutch couldn’t hold another credit card let alone an extra pair of shoes!
When I got out of the station, it was drizzling a bit, but with what felt like a few moments, or rather a New York minute – it starting pouring! And I mean really hard, wind blowing, making everyone scramble kind of downpour! No cab would heed to my hailing and I was stranded inside a store for a good 15 min – pretty soaked with water dripping from my freshly styled hair. Just as suddenly had the rain come down, in the same suddenness it subsided. I stepped outside, shamelessly pulled my heels in hand and sprinted towards the hotel where the party was being held. As I reached there – I saw atleast 4 other girls doing the same. I smiled! Went to the bathroom – dried my face and had one of the best evenings!loveplayingdressup-ootd-neha-gandhi-nyfw-2loveplayingdressup-ootd-neha-gandhi-nyfw-7

Outfit details : Sunglasses, Primary NY dress – c/o, shoes – similar here & here, Jimmy choo clutch ( budget options : here and this one’s really cute, this one is below $25 )

A big thank you to Chapstick & Caravan NYC for my hair & make-up





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  1. Awe poor girl, I had the saddest picture in my head of you drenched waiting inside! You are a trooper 🙂 and just so darn beautiful with such a kind heart! Thank you for your sweet words you left me, I’m so thankful to have made a new friend :)! These pics are just gorgeous btw!

    -Amanda Paige xoxoxo


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