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LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-MirbeauPlymouth-Getaway-BostonYou know I am a big proponent of getaways. Long vacations, mini weekend getaways or just even a full day outside of the house – something to break the monotony! Plus wanderlust is a serious beast that should not be ignored.

The mister & I headed to Mirbeau Inn & Spa last weekend for some unwinding. Have you stayed at a hotel where the staff makes you feel so welcome that you feel like you are actually visiting an old aunt who is really fond of you? That plus she knows how to cook really well. Exactly like that!LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-MirbeauPlymouth-Getaway-Boston8


The marshmallow bed had our names written all over it


Scrumptious lunch in the lounge area surrounded by books was obviously my favorite part. I also sneaked in one to our room for some night reading with champagne that our hosts sent over.LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-MirbeauPlymouth-Getaway-Boston11LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-MirbeauPlymouth-Getaway-Boston9 LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-MirbeauPlymouth-Getaway-Boston1 LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-MirbeauPlymouth-Getaway-Boston2

As the sun started to go down, we took our wine outside in the garden and made ourselves comfortable in front of the firepit. There’s a little stream flowing under the bridge, so all you could hear is the dancing water. I cant decide if the spa or this scene was more relaxing. LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-MirbeauPlymouth-Getaway-Boston12LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-MirbeauPlymouth-Getaway-Boston5The next day, we woke up from our sunday stupor and headed straight for the famous breakfast where the smell of warm bread and honey butter wafted through the grand breakfast room. Having eaten more than one person can/should possibly eat, we retired to the salon which has not one – but two fireplaces!! With the temperatures having suddenly dropped, the fireplaces in almost every corner of the quaint inn, are such a welcome addition. And you know me – I go weak in the knees when it comes to fireplaces! LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-MirbeauPlymouth-Getaway-Boston3


Loveplayingdressup-ootd-neha-gandhi-mirabeau-6As we drove back home, the fall colors proudly showed off along the sides of the road and we happily made plans to come back in the summer.

Thank you so much to the Mirbeau Inn folks for hosting us.




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    1. Oh my god – book & a fireplace – thats heaven to me 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Jenna

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