What to wear to an Interview

what-to-wear-to-an-interview-nydj-gucci-nehagandhi-corporate-dresscode-2Outfit details : NYDJ dress -c/o, belt, Ralph Lauren scarf, Gucci bag, trench (similar)

I have been receiving a few emails asking me to post some what-to-wear-to-work outfits. If you are in a work place that demands a strict corporate dress-code ( popularly known as formal / business causal ) – it sometimes gets daunting to dressup formally each day and be creative. I decided to do a post today about dressing up for an interview. It is important to make a good impression during the first face-time opportunity with your new boss/team & like I always say, what you wear plays a big part in boosting your self-confidence.what-to-wear-to-an-interview-nydj-gucci-nehagandhi-corporate-dresscodewhat-to-wear-to-an-interview-nydj-gucci-nehagandhi-corporate-dresscode-3

1. Keep the accessories at a minimum – Avoid wearing a bracelet if you tend to get fidgety when nervous. Small studs or a simple pearl necklace should suffice.

Suggested Accessories

2. Shoes – Personally, I always prefer wearing heels. If you decide to wear heels, make sure you have worn them before. Nothing like having to walk across the building in feet that hurt. Ballet flats, mary janes & oxfords are some good options as well.

Suggested Shoes


3. Avoid bright colors ( such as neons) – but it is absolutely okay to do color and not just stick to navys and blacks. Dont be afraid of print, just make sure it’s not over-the-top.

Suggested Tops, Dresses & Bottoms


4. Silhouettes – Opt for structured silhouettes like a sheath dress, tailored pants or pencil skirts. A cardigan over a dress and belted at the waist is another one of my go-to looks. You cannot go wrong with a silk or ruffled blouse paired with pants or a skirt. When nothing else works, a blazer is your friend.


Suggested Blazers

5. The power bag –  I’d suggest opting for a classic. The Kate Spade beau bag ( currently sold out – but similar )has been one of my best investments for a “work” bag.

 Suggested Bags


6. Fragrance – I cannot stress more on this topic. Wear a fragrance that is subtle, not-overpowering and smells good. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabanna always remains on top of my list.

7. Wear your smile – You have won half the battle if you exude confidence and positivity.what-to-wear-to-an-interview-nydj-gucci-nehagandhi-corporate-dresscode-4what-to-wear-to-an-interview-nydj-gucci-nehagandhi-corporate-dresscode-1


Outfit details : NYDJ dress -c/o, belt, Ralph Lauren scarf, Gucci bag, trench (similar)

You can read other work-wear related posts here. If you have any other go-to pieces or tips for dressing up for interviews, please do drop a line in the comments section to share with me and fellow-readers. xo – Neha





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