LovePlayingDressup-JJill-Poncho-Boston-OOTD2“If we move too fast, we’ll break things. If we move too slow, we’ll miss things. And if we don’t move at all, we won’t see things for how beautiful they truly are.”


Ultimately it all comes down to the balancing act. But wow !!! is that easier said that done or what??

It’s a never ending struggle – back when we were young, it was between school work and play, studying for an exam and watching your favorite TV shows. Between family time and spending time with friends. Today its about personal life and work life. Finding the balance between the corporate job and the blog. Between socializing and me/us-time.

While I haven’t by any means mastered the balancing act, I wanted to share a few things that I have learnt this year that defintely have helped me up to some extent. LovePlayingDressup-JJill-Poncho-Boston-OOTDLovePlayingDressup-JJill-Poncho-Boston-OOTD9LovePlayingDressup-JJill-Poncho-Boston-OOTD4

  • The To-Do List

As much as I love-making lists ( I have them every where – on the phone, in my email, in the kitchen drawer, on the night stand .. I know … I need to get Evernote! ) – I cannot even begin to tell you how overwhelming they get at times. The one thing I have slowly started to accept is that the to-do list will never be fully checked-off. The realization that it is okay to leave a few things for later because 1) it is not humanly possible to do everything 2) it will drive you crazy and 3) the list never ends. So stop, prioritize and attack.

  • Turning it off

Yes – that includes social media. Mainly social media. Put down the phone. Turn off that computer for a while. It is so important to give yourself a break. Spend some quite time, read a book, chat with your spouse or call a friend! I have been making a conscious effort to log in into my social media platforms only a few times a day (even though it is a big part of my business) And both Amit & I try to keep the phone aside ( by aside I mean really far! ) at dinner. It is so easy to get pulled into stuff on Instagram or Pinterest and bounce from one image to another and lose yourself in this world of perfectly curated images and then lose focus of what you wanted to check/search in the first place. ( #truestory) Not productive at all.  B.A.L.A.N.C.E

  • Set Goals

While we should not stop dreaming and have no limits to our dreams, it is important to set goals. Two different things. Set goals to achieve your dreams. I personally find this part especially difficult,  but instead of spending too much time thinking about the “dream”, think about the next step – that’s much more easier to manage, achievable and hence motivational.

  • My Favorite topic – FOOD

Trust me guys, no one ever became “fat” by eating that one slice of cake! It’s okay to enjoy a little dessert or wine or whatever your heart fancies every once in a while.


Outfit details: J.Jill poncho & boots – c/o, blouse,  faux-leather leggings, Louis Vuitton bag, Sunglasses via Ditto ( use the code LOVEPLAYINGDRESSUP to get one month of designer sunglasses free! ), Lipstick



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