Drinksgiving : Strawberry Vodka Jello Shots

LovePlayingDressup-8I wish I could express in words how much I love these shooters. I honestly wish I could pack them in boxes and send them to each one of you – because how else can I actually share the goodness & booziness that I feel right now … but why dont you try it yourself and join me in this happy high I am in!

This year for Thanksgiving celebrations we are in charge of the drinks. Can we call it Drinksgiving? Amit is an amazing ( rather notorious ) mixologist or as I like to call him – “bar chef”! This is one of his signature recipes. Think of it as a dessert course that follows the drinks. What can I say we can not get enough of our drinks & desserts just the same.

Word on the streets is that kids love jello – so if you skip the vodka – voila!!LovePlayingDressup-StrawberryJelloShots-Drinks-Recipe-Vodka-HolidayRecipe-1


  • Strawberries – Medium – Large sized strawberries are ideal ( strawberries are sparse this time of the year – but somehow Whole Foods always seems to have them)
  • Vodka
  • Jell-O
  • Liquor salt 

Method :

  • Make Jell-O ( as per instructions listed on the box ) – if you are making adult Jell-O then instead of the water, use vodka. Go ahead – add a little bit more than called for!
  • Cut the top & bottom of the strawberries – make sure the bottom is flat so the strawberry can stand without toppling
  • Remove the core from the strawberry – this is where the Vodka infused Jell-O goes. Use a core-remover or just a knife. Just be careful so as to not puncture the strawberry
  • Take the Jell-O out from the fridge once it has settled
  • Garnish the strawberry tops with salt
  • Pour Jell-O in the strawberries with a spoon and put back in the fridge
  • Serve … with love

See step-by-step images below


Thank you for stopping by on Thanksgiving morning. Amidst all the love, laughter games, travel and ofcourse – food – I cannot help reflecting and feeling grateful for all your love and support. From my family to yours – here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving – xo Neha


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