Gift Guide for the Wanderluster


coffee-table travel book | leather cleaning wipes | PJs | As a Gentleman would say book

luggage | laundry bags | passport case | headphones

travel journal | evian | selfie stick 

luggage scale | eye de-puffer | souvenir mug

I love buying gifts. I could spend hours online looking for gifts – because I really want them to be special and mean something to the people I am buying them for. After all, giving gifts is a language of love & nothing makes us happier than making our loved ones, feel loved.

Now we all have that one friend or a sibling who can’t keep one foot in the door. Lets get them something to stoke their wild spirit, things that they will carry with them on their next journey and think of you or trinkets they will love coming back to. This chic mini emergency kit is one of the best gifts you can give to a girlfriend and will make for a perfect stocking stuffer as well!

I will be getting this for the mister ( he already passed on a hint, so no surprises there!) and this world map scratch pad for my world traveler brother. He will absolutely love it!

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