Belle of the Ball

LovePlayingDressup-TerijonDresses-LanghamBoston-Petite-OOTD-Blogger-NehaGandhi8Outfit details: Teri Jon dresses, Madden pumpsclutch ( love this one)  

Contrary to the blog’s name – sadly, I do not get that many chances to dressup! le sigh. You know the corporate-nerdy lady inside get its fair share all 5 days of the week with the pencil skirts and the sheath dresses – that’s why it must come as no surprise to you that I love the month of December. It’s the ultimate celebration month & therefore our festive duty to dust off those dancing shoes and take the pretty dresses to the ball.

When I was introduced to Teri Jon dresses, I fell in love. And then like in any love story, there came the hard part of making difficult choices, aka – picking a dress.LovePlayingDressup-TerijonDresses-LanghamBoston-Petite-OOTD-Blogger-NehaGandhi4

With so many like this feather one , this metallic scene-stealer and this cheery holiday red number in the running, I eventually picked this multi textured, full taffeta skirted dress with a bejeweled belt and a intricate embroidered lace neckline.LovePlayingDressup-TerijonDresses-LanghamBoston-Petite-OOTD-Blogger-NehaGandhi1LovePlayingDressup-TerijonDresses-LanghamBoston-Petite-OOTD-Blogger-NehaGandhi2 LovePlayingDressup-TerijonDresses-LanghamBoston-Petite-OOTD-Blogger-NehaGandhi5 LovePlayingDressup-TerijonDresses-LanghamBoston-Petite-OOTD-Blogger-NehaGandhi6 LovePlayingDressup-TerijonDresses-LanghamBoston-Petite-OOTD-Blogger-NehaGandhi10

  If you have a black tie gala to go to this season, ( can I be your plus one for the night? ) or an extravagant affair to attend, or a friend’s holiday party where you want your outfit to get the most eyeballs, here are few dresses that you can pick from and enjoy your moment as the belle of that ball – xo Neha 

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Outfit details: Teri Jon dresses, Madden pumps, clutch ( love this one)  

Photoshoot location : Langham Hotel Boston ( a big thank you to the extremely hospitable staff )
Brought to you in partnership with Teri Jon



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