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LovePlayingDressup-cuyana-russels-christmas-OOTD-Blogger-NehaGandhi-4 Outfit details: Cuyana cape – c/o, top, Spanx tights -c/o, boots – save / splurge , Kate Spade bag – similar styles here & here

Let me tell you kids, buying gifts for your loved ones is just as much as an art as it is a gamble. It is all about hitting the sweet spot in the heart and extracting that smile. Usually when I see something nice or stumble upon something that I think someone I know, would love, more often than not, I buy it right then & there ( sometimes that happens way before the holidays… like in March or September!) Inspite of being so diligent about my shopping, there are times when I wish I knew exactly what someone really needs or would like. Whether it is buying something for the mister ( whose likes & dislikes I very well know… obviously! ) or for a girlfriend I haven’t seen in a while, I have come to realize that while shopping for our loved ones is extremely joyful, ironically, it is the toughest! And thus, in that last-minute panic, we end up buying so many things that might not be as meaningful.

That’s why I really like the philosophy that Cuyana stands for – quality over quantity & buying fewer, better gifts. A way to send a hint for an item that you love and would like to get as a gift. Making the gift buying simpler for someone is also a gift that you are unconsciously giving them. I know Amit appreciates my little “hints” all the time =))



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LovePlayingDressup-cuyana-russels-christmas-OOTD-Blogger-NehaGandhi-12 Outfit details: Cuyana cape – c/o, top, Spanx tights -c/o, boots – save / splurge , Kate Spade bag – similar styles here & here

This past weekend, amidst all the flowing food, wine and back-back get-togethers, we also managed to do our Christmas decorations shopping. I absolutely adore Russel’s , a family owned store in our neighborhood. Once you step inside, you feel the warmth as if you are at your favorite aunt’s home, there are cookies and hot chocolate to enjoy while you shop and it is filled with the cutest little things. I definitely recommend making a visit if you are in the Boston area.

Cuyana also has a “LeanCloset” movement that really touched my heart. It encourages you to donate clothes from your closet, that are no longer getting your love and could benefit someone in need – you can read all about it here. There is nothing more satisfying than doing a little generous deed during the Holidays & making somebody’s day!  – xo Neha


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  1. You look so cool and comfortable in this outfit. I love the combination of camel and black together. Very chic! Like you, I also feel a cross between joy and anxiety with gift giving. It’s such fun to get it right, but you’re right that it takes a lot of thoughtfulness!



    1. you got the words right from my mouth!! couldnt agree with you more 🙂
      hope you are having fun doing your christmas shopping!


  2. I like this stylish look very much! I love the color combination of camel and black. The cape looks perfect with the OTK boots. I agree with you; it’s a little bit difficult to find the perfect gift for our friends and relatives. Good luck with your Christmas shopping, Nehayandhi!


  3. I just saw that your first name is Neha. At the end of your post I saw your first name and last name together, like one word, and thought that that was your first name. Sorry!

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