Ho Ho Ho-liday Traditions

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LovePlayingDressup-BestPeppermintWhiteHotChocolate-HolidayDrink-Hallmark-Cards-Blogger-HolidayInspiration-WhiteChristmasTree-NehaGandhi-13Outfit details : Holiday top (love this one and this one looks so much fun ),  holiday mug ( more cute options – this, this & you have to have this set ), faux-fur rug, writing tray


I am dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write

Receiving snail mail  ( that does not include the Chinese restaurant’s menu, unsolicited credit card approvals or insurance quotes ) is so rare these days that I actually get excited when I find something addressed to me in the stash. I think it is a special moment from getting the mail inside from the mailbox to carefully opening the envelope. And then the simple, pure joy of seeing a card from a loved one. This is the perfect season to send a little cheer and ship  cards to let everyone know that you are thinking of them.

I am a firm believer in personalizing cards, writing a few lines that will instantly connect with the one reading it. Or finding a card that is pre-made to do that for you! I have been buying Hallmark cards for as long as I can remember – primarily because they do exactly that. There’s a card for everyone, every occasion or just because! It’s a no brainer to head straight for the Hallmark section any time you are at Walmart and you dont really need to a reason to buy them because everyday is a perfect day to send a Hallmark greeting card to someone you love =))LovePlayingDressup-BestPeppermintWhiteHotChocolate-HolidayDrink-Hallmark-Cards-Blogger-HolidayInspiration-WhiteChristmasTree-NehaGandhi-12LovePlayingDressup-Hallmark-PeppermintWhiteHotChocolate-Recipe-HolidayGiftBaskets1

Let me tell you kids, the only way to write holiday cards is to turn on some holiday music, put on the fireplace  and get down to business with some freshly made peppermint hot chocolate. This white-hot chocolate is my December drug! I honestly wish I could have all of you over and spoil you with some of this love potion – but why dont you try it yourself =))



LovePlayingDressup-BestPeppermintWhiteHotChocolate-StarbucksLike-Recipe-HolidayDrinkIf you still have gifts pending to be bought ( no judgment there – I am with you =)) ), here’s one of my go-to gift options, no matter what occasion – putting together gift baskets! This is perfect when you are unsure as to what the person would really like and also very sweet, as it shows that you actually put some thought & effort in putting this together.LovePlayingDressup-BestPeppermintWhiteHotChocolate-HolidayDrink-Hallmark-Cards-Blogger-HolidayInspiration-WhiteChristmasTree-NehaGandhi-11


Here are a few things to keep in mind when putting together a gift basket for someone

  • Stick to the safe basics : candles ( everyone loves candles! ) , special tea selections will always be welcome
  • Local flavor : Throw in something from your favorite neighborhood store, adding some uniqueness to the basket
  • Something sweet : Always … ( duhh! ) I bake my favorite cookies ( aka – the only ones I know ) and put them in all my gift baskets
  • Add a seasonal item : In addition to the holiday mug,  I also ordered a bunch of these cute glitter coasters to put them in the basket
  • Make it personal : Hallmark has introduced an ornament collection exclusive to Walmart that resonate with moments in our lives, hobbies or our favorite things. I picked the red shiny shoe-ornament for our neighbor who loves the ballet. ( I got the frame ornament for our tree and put in a picture from our trip to Prague from this summer in it – it was truly one of the most romantic places I have ever visited! )
  • Don’t forget the card :  Click here to save $1.00 off of a two Hallmark Greeting Card purchase at Walmart, minimum $1.00 purchase required. Take advantage of the savings and #SendHallmark this holiday season! LovePlayingDressup-BestPeppermintWhiteHotChocolate-HolidayDrink-Hallmark-Cards-Blogger-HolidayInspiration-WhiteChristmasTree-NehaGandhi-4 LovePlayingDressup-BestPeppermintWhiteHotChocolate-HolidayDrink-Hallmark-Cards-Blogger-HolidayInspiration-WhiteChristmasTree-NehaGandhi-5 LovePlayingDressup-BestPeppermintWhiteHotChocolate-HolidayDrink-Hallmark-Cards-Blogger-HolidayInspiration-WhiteChristmasTree-NehaGandhi-10





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  1. LOVE this! Your recipe looks delicious and gift baskets are my favorite during the holiday season! Your ideas are a surefire way to make sure that it includes everything they will love! Plus, a little Hallmark goes a long way! #client

  2. This is such a fun post! I personally love getting handwritten cards and notes in the mail too… I haven’t done any of mine this time yet though! But I love your idea of making an event of it including music and yummy hot choc!


    Love, Mary

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