The curtain comes down

LovePlayingDressup-Travel-Copengahen-frederiksborg Castle
                                                        And the small flashes of the show remain with you …

 2015 – what a show you have been! One of my bravest years ever! With its celebrations and meltdowns, laughter riots and tears – small wins, ups…downs…learnings! 
I started going through the 100s of pictures taken this year, reading all the posts I had written to do a round-up of some of my personal favorite posts & also some that have been loved most by you all. And then I came across some pictures that never made it to the blog… for obvious reasons. ( see for yourself at the bottom of this post ) =))
Post here & InStyle feature 
This image was printed in InStyle Magazine and it was one of the most overwhelming experiences, mainly because I wasn’t aware this was selected by the InStyle Team and only came to know when my friends spotted it in the magazine and started texting/calling me. Such a beautiful surprise.
The moments leading up to this shoot are what makes this extra special. It embodies all the planning, location scouting, time of the day selection that goes in into a shoot. Also, I received a very sweet email from a reader in reference to this post that made me realize that my words are not getting lost. So much gratitude.
This turned out to be the most loved outfit.
All our travels this year were a learning experience ( from a blog point of view ) and strengthened my love for content creation. 
Going to NYFW had been on my bucket list, even long before I started my blog. This Fall was my 3rd season attending it. Getting the chance to attend Fashion Week is an experience I cannot do justice to by putting in words.
An idea close to home – combining my two lives – as a corporate professional and a woman who loves playing dressup. 
And now … as promised …  – because 1) Its time to start a fresh year with a smile, laugh at the bloopers of the past year and move on  – 2) not everything is as perfect as it seems in today’s world of social media – something I learnt this past year and realize how many of us need to realize that
FullSizeRender 2
Having my own Marlyn Monroe.. aka.. wardrobe malfunction moment. Post here 
Stares & Stalkers during shoots… I am flattered … don’t stop! Post here 
 Thank you so much for being with me, listening to my story, telling me yours and being a part of these moments this past year – xo Neha


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  1. Neha, I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings you!! Still trying to figure out to get to NYFW I swear I’ll make it 🙂 I loved looking into your little world!
    Cheers to 2016!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

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