When in Barcelona


Hola.. all the way from Spain!

If you are with me on Instagram or Snapchat (lovenehagandhi) – you know we are in Barcelona and doing a road-trip across Spain & Portugal. We’ve backpacked in the past and have absolutely loved that experience – this time, we wanted to do something even more exciting. Get on the road, drive through the interiors of the completely new (to us) country, do some touristy things along the way, explore the unexplored places, be spontaneous, get a feel of the land– true wanderlust!

I had read that Barcelona is pretty all year round, but this time of the year is special. It turned out be beyond anything I had expected – every corner is decorated like a bride, the streets and stores are covered with holiday lights and everyone seems to be in great spirits. But I don’t think that has any got anything to do with the holidays, the Spanish are a relaxed, laid back bunch anyway and go by the philosophy of living each moment! 



Colorful stalls in the center of the city! The Christmas market was like a dreamland.



One of the best cathedrals I’ve even seen! Sagrada Familia.


Joined the Spanish folks in some street fun & ate what they eat – Churros galore LovePlayingDressup-Barcelona-Blogger-OOTD-Petite-WhatToWear-December-3

Tried to join these Barcelona big shots in their  conference – but my Spanish is still not quite there yet! After a few si – si, I decided it was better to walk away and grab some more to eat!LovePlayingDressup-barcelona-Blogger-OOTD-Petite-WhatToWear-December--18


We headed to Faborit, the cutest cafe in Barcelona and tried what dreams are made up of! 


Day 1 in Barcelona was all about eating ( tapas! churros! margaritas! chocolate soup! ) and I am glad I wore my favourite oversized sweater !  These Spanish folks love eating & so do I – it is already a trip made in wanderlust-heaven!  Cannot wait to share with you guys about how the rest goes!  xo Neha


Outfit details : Old Navy jumpertights, sunnies, Nars lipstick, over-the-knee boots, Stella McCartney tote







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