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love-playing-dressup-neha-gandhi--10Outfit details : Shein dress -c/o, belt, bag ( similar) , White pumps, sunnies, Irresistible Me hair extensions– c/o

Hey’s the new year going so far? this is probably the longest I’ve gone without posting anything on these pages – but between my falling terribly sick in India towards the end of our trip, the longgg ( 36 hrs.! ) flight back, jet-lag and coming back to work in office after such a long break – I am kind of a hot mess right now!! Slowly getting back in the groove and cannot wait for the weekend to sleep it out!

I wore this outfit for New Year’s brunch with the family at The Renaissance Hotel in Bombay. It was also the first time, I ever tried on extensions! And wow!! Life as I know it… will never is the same!!  

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More red dresses ( Valentines day is coming up & I know you are looking for one ! ) 

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All my pre-anxieties, thoughts and tips about hair extensions – keep reading….

  1. Biggest Fear :

Pre: I was contemplating trying extensions for the longest time but wasn’t sure if I would know how to attach them and would need to go to the salon each time. 

Post: The ones I got from Irrestible Me are clip-on extensions. Super easy to… well… clip on. Trust me – if I can do it, anyone can!

  1. How do I select the color/length/volume of the extensions:

I enlisted the help of the incredibly helpful support team to make these decisons.

Color: This video was a good help when I was picking the color. I stuck to my natural hair color (Royal Natural Black – Remy Hair) but you can ofcourse try different shades.

Length/Volume: I knew I wanted extensions to have a longer mane (oh God… I miss that from college days!) I chose the 22 inches (for length) with 140gm weight (for volume) option.

The set comes with 10 wefts but I ended up using only 6 of them which I think was good enough.

  1. Are they comfortable?

To be honest, it did feel a little weird first few minutes after I clipped all the wefts – but then I was completely distracted with taking as many selfies as possible, because… ummm look Ma.. I have really long and thick hair!!! That happened…=))

In all seriousness, once you get used to it, you don’t feel any weirdness.  I did however have to take the clips out at night ( unlike some of my other friends who use them) May be that’ll take a little getting used to.


So all in all – I think I am hooked. These ones are really good quality and will last long – which is really important! Let me know if you are contemplating trying them and have any questions. And if you already use them – I’d love to get any tips and see how you style them. Email me pictures =)) xo –Nehalove-playing-dressup-neha-gandhi--8

Outfit details : Shein dress -c/o, belt, bag ( similar) , White pumps, sunnies, Irresistible Me hair extensions– c/o



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    1. you are so kind Adriean. I was initially worried about that as well – I think its a combination of finding the right color/length/volume..:)

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