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LovePlayingDressup-Featured_instagram-1Wow – how is already a month of 2016 over? I got to start the year back home in Bombay which is always such a blessing. Coming back to Boston after more than a month of vacation took some time coming back to the normal schedule – but I think I am finally there! Although, I havent taken down my Christmas decor yet ! ( have you? )

Here are some of my moments from January – Vday prep, sale alert, a new shoe find and latest obsessions!

 I always get excited about Valentine’s Day. How can one not be – it is a day dedicated to LOVE! If you know me or have my read blog even a little bit, you know that I see the world with rose-colored glasses and am the biggest proponent of a love story. So this is the perfect excuse to give some romantic touches around the home and to our style. How cute is the eye-mask (and only for $20) ? Diptyque candles are synonymous will style & sophistication and this special edition candle in pink is simply a must-have. It smells heavenly!

  Shop these beauty items and cute trinkets

You will have to turn off your pop-up blocker to see the widgets – no crazy ad pop-ups I promise!


I am obsessed with faux-fur and this headband is the latest addition to my faux-fur collection. It is warm and cozy and oh-so-cute.



I love reading! My nightstand is piled with books and magazines and I need to read a few pages before going to bed. My mom instilled this habit in me as a child and I am so thankful to her for that. Me and my books – we can spend hours and days together! I have been wanting to read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In ever since it came out and finally got around to getting a copy The other one that I started reading is I Am Malala. 2 books… 2 women… both trendsetters, standing up for the place of women in society/career …. True influencers in their own right !! Have you read any of these?



I love how over-the-knee boots make my legs look taller and slimmer – ummm – I’ll take one in each color, each design please! The burgundy boots are scene stealers. The widget below has options in different price points – starting from $30! Check them out.



I wore this dress during NY Fashion Week last Fall and it is back in stock. And for those of you who have already OD-ed on pink, this will make for will make for a pretty valentines day option with the non conventional color choice.




Call me the crazy shoe lady! But I am sure Carrie Bradshaw will also approve of these blue babies. They are below $100 and very comfortable.



Are we friends on Instagram yet ? Leave your Instagram handle in the comments and I am going to stalk you for sure =)) ! xo – Neha





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