Sintra (Portugal ) Travel Diary

love-playing-dressup-Sintra-Portugal-Travelogue-WilsonLeather-neha-gandhi-Blogger-FurVest-TravelStyle-MukLuks-OOTD2Outfit details: Wilsons Leather fur vest – c/o, white top, Wilsons leather MukLuks-boots – c/o, tights, Stella McCartney bag, Rayban sunnies, lipstick

What better way to spend a jet-lagged morning than reminiscing about the beautiful trip you just came back from? If you were to ask me what was the most beautiful place we visited on our recent trip, it would hands down have to be the town of Sintra. About a 45min drive from the populous city of Lisbon, you step into this world of fairy tale castles, spectacular gardens, and pastel colored homes perched on hills and a constant soft mist in the air!

First Stop – The Pena Palace.  It looked like a castle taken out from a fairy-tale or made for Disneyland. You can see its colorful silhouette from the bottom of the hill ( Portugal has very steep roads – some felt like the ascent of a scary six-flags ride!! ) and as you climb the steep path to the palace, you start witnessing the opulence with it is

Let me tell you that boots were made for climbing the steep slopes of Sintra. Rain-proof, snow-proof, light-weight and cute? Yes, please!! 

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A flowing stream, underground tunnels and beautifully curated trees & plants surrounding the palace preparing you for the magnificence that you are about to enter.


love-playing-dressup-Sintra-Portugal-Travelogue-WilsonLeather-neha-gandhi-Blogger-FurVest-TravelStyle-MukLuks-OOTD15But yet,  nothing prepares you for the panoramic views that the palace offers – the long stretch of the ocean, the Game-of-Thrones like Moor Castle and the red roofs of old Lisbon

Tip: Go early if you want the place to yourself and aspire some non-crowded photo-ogs.



After not getting quite enough of the palace but literally dragging ourselves down the slope, we then drove to our second stop –  Quinta da Regaleira. It is a place of absolute mystic and mystery. Will you simply look at that entrance!! love-playing-dressup-Sintra-Portugal-Travelogue-WilsonLeather-neha-gandhi-Blogger-FurVest-TravelStyle-MukLuks-OOTD16love-playing-dressup-Sintra-Portugal-Travelogue-WilsonLeather-neha-gandhi-Blogger-FurVest-TravelStyle-MukLuks-OOTD17

I often wonder at the architectural skills of the people from centuries ago – it is places like these that seem impossible feats to achieve are standing here offering us the beauty, history and the story in all their entirety… I don’t think these pictures do any justice to the true beauty of this place.You have to see them with your own eyes to get transported in that world.


A trip to Sintra would not be complete without stopping at Cafe Saudade. You cannot help feeling like royalty ( and ordering like one! ) to eat at the exclusive place where the pastries were made for the king of the Palace.

love-playing-dressup-Sintra-Portugal-Travelogue-WilsonLeather-neha-gandhi-Blogger-FurVest-TravelStyle-MukLuks-OOTD25love-playing-dressup-Sintra-Portugal-Travelogue-WilsonLeather-neha-gandhi-Blogger-FurVest-TravelStyle-MukLuks-OOTD11 love-playing-dressup-Sintra-Portugal-Travelogue-WilsonLeather-neha-gandhi-Blogger-FurVest-TravelStyle-MukLuks-OOTD21 love-playing-dressup-Sintra-Portugal-Travelogue-WilsonLeather-neha-gandhi-Blogger-FurVest-TravelStyle-MukLuks-OOTD19

We stuffed our faces with chocolate and other goodies as the mist rolled in heavily over the town. The clouds floated over the tiny houses and the steep slopes. There was a chill in the air and my heart was bursting trying to capture this fantasy place. I pulled my feather-like vest tightly and slept on the way back to Portugal dreaming about the pretty things in life!


Outfit details: Wilsons Leather fur vest – c/o, white top, Wilsons leather MukLuks-boots – c/o, tights, Stella McCartney bag, Rayban sunnieslipstick


A huge thank you to Wilsons Leather for partnering on this post



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  1. Your outfit is everything!! As are your photos.. It looks tremendously beautiful in Portugal right now. I am loving it all, especially that food πŸ˜‰ Now I am hungry!

    Love your blog and love this post! Everything looks excellent and exactly like what I would order if given the chance.. I wish I was there to try this out! Thank you for sharing πŸ˜‰


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