Where we stayed – Lisbon Edition

LovePlayingDressup-PortoBay-Lisbon-Hotel-Portugal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-15What is the one thing that makes your vacation … a real vacation?

After a long day of losing yourself in the charming places, ice-skating ( and falling) till your butt can take no more – all I want is room service, a really long bath and … turn-down service! And that is where Porto Bay did not disappoint!LovePlayingDressup-PortoBay-Lisbon-Hotel-Portugal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-3

Lighted up like a pretty palace itself, you can almost guarantee that the inside would be luxurious by all standards.

A marshmallow of a bed and a cute welcome basket – I almost jumped like a kid! But would you blame me? I had just arrived from an eight-hour long drive from Valencia, Spain. ( To be honest, I was really snoozing most of the way while my boys drove – but you get my drift …)LovePlayingDressup-PortoBay-Lisbon-Hotel-Portugal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-5LovePlayingDressup-PortoBay-Lisbon-Hotel-Portugal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-6

Changed  into my softest-silkiest PJs and feeling right at home while skyping with mom!


Shop satin PJs here – trust me – completely different sleep experience! You have got to try them!




Getting up and heading straight to a breakfast spread which satiates the heart and the growling stomach is the only way it should be!   Healthy juices for the husband ( insert eyeroll ) and the great collection of desserts for breakfast – that’s just the way all days should begin if you ask me.LovePlayingDressup-PortoBay-Lisbon-Hotel-Portugal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-11 LovePlayingDressup-PortoBay-Lisbon-Hotel-Portugal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-10 LovePlayingDressup-PortoBay-Lisbon-Hotel-Portugal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-8LovePlayingDressup-PortoBay-Lisbon-Hotel-Portugal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-13 LovePlayingDressup-PortoBay-Lisbon-Hotel-Portugal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-12

In the spirit of being honest, let me tell you – there were times during the days while we were exploring the pretty places and I was getting cranky in the chilly weather – I would start dreaming of getting back and jumping in the temperature controlled pool. Would that be cheating on the wanderlust? Dont think too much… the guilt is all melted away once you step in the sauna! Soo relaxing!LovePlayingDressup-PortoBay-Lisbon-Hotel-Portugal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-9LovePlayingDressup-PortoBay-Lisbon-Hotel-Portugal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-7

The food in Portugal was amazing but I am a greasy food kind of gal and I am happy to report that we stumbled upon an all time favorite,  Hard Rock Cafe!!! just in the hood. You can easily guess how the rest of the night went. It was also so much fun listening to American songs ( some classics which my Indian ear still has a hard time grasping =)) ) – add the Portuguese accent to it. Oh yeahh… we danced nevertheless!!

Hard Rock aside, the location of the hotel is ideal if you are visiting Lisbon as a tourist. Close to the central plaza, close to the trams and tons of shopping places around !!

LovePlayingDressup-PortoBay-Lisbon-Hotel-Portugal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-2 LovePlayingDressup-PortoBay-Lisbon-Hotel-Portugal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-4 LovePlayingDressup-PortoBay-Lisbon-Hotel-Portugal-NehaGandhi-Blogger-14

I really hope to come back to Lisbon soon, this time in the summer preferably. Imagine soaking in the every bit of the beauty that this rustic city has to offer while lying in the open-air-rooof-to-hot-tub! xo- Neha


Images 2,3,4,13,14 – source

Thank you Porto Bay for the warm hospitality



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