Valentines Day Brunch

LovePlayingDressup-nehagandhi-langham-1Outfit details : Shein dress, tights, studded pumps, Kate Spade watch – c/o, Gucci bag

It was a frosty Boston morning.. the date 14th February! Ironically, it also happened to be the coldest day in more than a decade – the universe’s way of asking all those in love to cuddle a bit more longer!

The Sunday brunch at the Langham Boston  was on my radar for a very long time and on this extremely cold ( we are talking minus double digits!!! ) Valentines’ day, not wanting the weather to get the better of us and the idea of loading ourselves with carbs felt very appealing.

We started with some bubbles to get toasty…


The brunch is nothing short of lavish and the toughest thing you’ll have to do is to decide where to start from. Or not! Load your plate with a little bit of everything – remember  calories don’t count on Valentines day and on your birthdays and anniversaries and on vacations and on weekends and on some weekdays…

Table after table laid with beautifully crafted desserts  …  you almost need a strategy to eat in a way that there is place for everything in your appetite. For the record – mine never disappoints! There’s tons of meaty options for all you meat-lovers and salads and fruits for all you those on those crazy diets. *eye roll* .

LovePlayingDressup-Langham-cafe-fleuri-shein-brocade-neha-gandhi-7 LovePlayingDressup-Langham-cafe-fleuri-shein-brocade-neha-gandhi-6LovePlayingDressup-Langham-cafe-fleuri-shein-brocade-neha-gandhi-11

There are even live stations for pasta and crepes…


Live music and watching people dressed in their Sunday bests is another excuse for coming down here. 

LovePlayingDressup-Langham-cafe-fleuri-shein-brocade-neha-gandhi-8 LovePlayingDressup-Langham-cafe-fleuri-shein-brocade-neha-gandhi-13

I haven’t met a fountain I dint like and this one pours chocolate!



pink dress – and  loving this one and this one as well


 Eating till we could eat no more, I ordered a pot of tea … to make room for a little more frosting on this frosty day! 


The watch I am wearing is from a very fun Kate Spade collection, they are all so sleek and cute – check the collection here

I love the idea of a brunch – with no pressure to get up early and the prospect of an entire day stretching lazily in front of you makes this meal sound like a vacation in itself. Every time I get an email from a reader asking for places to eat in Boston, The Langham always makes it on the list.

Both of us pretty stuffed, we bundled back again and walked snuggling a little extra to brave the cold outside!  xo – Neha


Outfit details : Shein dresstights, studded pumps, Kate Spade watch – c/o, Gucci bag, Ellie Kai jacket, faux- fur scarf, Coach gloves, pearl earrings 







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