Flowers and Fragrance

LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-scent-bird-7To me, a perfume isn’t just a pretty smell, it is so much more than that! It exudes a characteristic of your personality, creates an unsaid connection with the people you meet and sometimes an everlasting memory!

The hunt for a fragrance that you really love and can stick, to can be tricky. Have you ever invested in a $125 bottle of a designer fragrance that everybody raves about but no matter how much you want to like it, it just doesn’t feel like.. you! I hate when that happens. Plus, there are so many new fragrances in the world to try , you seriously want to date them before committing =))LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-scent-bird-2 LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-scent-bird-1 LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-scent-bird-4 LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-scent-bird-3

And may be that is why I was extremely intrigued by ScentBird. A service that lets you try a new fragrance for less than $15 a month!! And a supply that might last for almost a month. Now that is definitely a good courtship period!  Although, I do have my signature scent, I do like to mix things up. Another fun part about signing up for this subscription is that you get to take a quiz that helps narrow down some recommendations for you. I found so many through that quiz and can’t wait to try some new ones in the coming months – make my own Zagat guide maybe? =))LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-scent-bird-5 LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-scent-bird-8

A few week ago, the mister and I headed to brunch to one of our favorite restaurants in Cambridge – Area Four. It is perfect for a leisurely brunch and their pizza is seriously worth driving for! I love these travel-sized ScentBird vials – perfect to plop in your bag and you are good to go for an extra long day or even for your carry-on luggage since these vials meet the 3 oz rule! If you must know, many a times I have solely checked-in my bag because of the perfume bottles that I just couldn’t leave behind. So these mini spritzers definitely help!

  Do you have any fragrances on your list that you have been wanting to try? – xo Neha


Outfit details: shirt dress – similar, belt, Over the knee boots, Henri Bendel bag , sunnies, lipstick



Thank you to ScentBird for partnering on this post




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  1. I don’t even like the word junkie but I guess I am a perfume junkie. I Am seriously into perfumes and when I find something that suits my mood, weather, event and people around me (who have completely different preference.. I know its a GOOD Day. And then their are days when I wear my signature ! I have been thinking about trying scent bird for a few weeks now. Are they into niche perfumery as well ?

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