Gingham, Flowers and an Exciting Project

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First things first – did you catch the return of Game of Thrones? I promise there will be no spoilers but boy, am I dying to talk about it with you guys or what?  The mister just hates watching this show with me because I ask so many questions and react so much to every scene. Just me? LovePlayingDressup-AquaGinghamDress-KateSpadeRoseClutch-SunflowerWatch-WhitePumps-OOTD-1LovePlayingDressup-AquaGinghamDress-KateSpadeRoseClutch-SunflowerWatch-WhitePumps-OOTD-4

This Kate Spade bag though ( yes!! it’s a bag and is now on sale! )

We had the most wonderful weekend, spent Saturday with some of our friends that we hadn’t seen in months. Every year during the holidays we do a nice get-together, eat ( go crazy on dessert – my friend is quite the baker) , play board games, watch a movie and exchange gifts. Since this year we were in Europe  during the holidays, we did all of that this weekend! Loved our version of Christmas in April =))

More Gingham Goodness


Outfit details: dress, pumps, necklace, bag, watch, lipstick, sunnies

Lets get to some exciting news now, shall we?  I have a very exciting project kicking off this week, something that has been in the works for quite some time and I am finally able to share it with you guys. I will be taking over Burlington Mall’s Instagram this week and will be sharing some of my favorite things to do, favorite stores to shop at and so much more this coming year – starting now just in time for Mother’s day.  There is an exciting giveaway coming your way as well. So stay tuned, follow us here & here and come join the fun. xo – Neha




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