Spain-Portugal Road Trip Itinerary and Video Diary

LovePlayingDressup-neha-gandhi-spain-portugal-roadtrip-4I haven’t been everywhere, but it is on my list – Susan Sontag

Today, I wanted to share this little video recap I made stitching together all my snapchat clips from our Spain-Portugal trip – which we took late in December last year . I know it is super delayed – but then what will you say, when I post a recap of my trip from last summer later this month =)) 

I have to tell you though that while I was snap-chatting then, I hadn’t thought about creating a video and hence the portrait layout ( not covering the entire screen ) I am kicking myself for not thinking about it earlier! I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.

Some of you asked me for our road trip itinerary – here goes. You can read about where we stayed and all trip related posts here and as always – send me an email with any questions you might have if you are planning a trip yourself.

  1. Flew into Barcelona from Boston – 3.5 days in Barcelona.
  2. We rented a car in Barcelona on the last day there – you can take the train or a cab while in Barcelona. Everything is pretty well-connected and in a small vicinity
  3. Drove to Morella – this is a small Spanish village off the beaten path. It was something that we really wanted to experience – the core culture in the villages, untouched by commercial tourism! It was a difficult drive for a small portion, but totally worth it. You can read about this visit here.
  4. Spent a day exploring Morella.
  5. Headed to Valencia. I wasn’t completely enamored by this city to be honest. We spent 2 days here – 1 day would have been enough. The L’Oceanogràfic oceanairium is definitely worth stopping for and not to be missed.
  6. After Valencia, we drove to Portugal.
  7. Spent 3 days in Lisbon. Funny story — I wasn’t at all keen on visiting Portugal. We had just been to Prague a few months ago and in the pictures it all looked the same. Instead, I wanted to drive to Nice ( southern France) after Barcelona. But eventually due to the travel restrictions to France in December, we rehashed our course and chose Portugal. I am glad that we did end up going to Portugal – I absolutely loved this country!!
  8. Took a day trip to Sintra – Now this was the highlight of the trip. I wish we would have spent that one day from Valencia here. I just couldn’t get enough of this town. You simply must go to the “end of the world” – the westernmost point of Europe, Cabo da Roca.
  9. From Portugal, we drove back to Spain, into Seville. 2 days in Seville. This was my favorite Spanish town.
  10. Then we drove to Madrid. Dropped off the car there. Spent 2 days in Madrid and flew out from here.


You know how we always read and hear from people to enjoy the journey and not worry so much about the destination – I think that is one thing I have learnt from the backpacking and road-trip type trips that we’ve taken. It will never be possible to see very city, tourist attraction or  every country for that matter. But enjoying every little bit of where you are is what matters at the end. You wouldn’t remember the places you couldn’t visit but the ones you did – will remain with you! xo – Neha






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  1. Just found your great blog.. I’m looking into a very similar trip with my family. Can you tell me what you didn’t like a about Valencia? Should we just lass through Valencia or should we at least give it a day? It’s so hard to know where to spend our time!!

    1. Hi Chelsea – That’s so exciting:) In Valencia – we loved the Aquarium. It is one of the best and if you have kids in your traveling party, they are going to LOVE it. Other than that – there are cathedrals, local markets – which are also good, but as compared to the other places that we went to during that trip, Valencia wasn’t all that exciting. I would say – if Valencia is on your route it is definitely worth making a stop for a aquarium and arts/science complex.The Valencia cathedral possibly if you have time. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

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