Weekend Guide to Newport, Rhode Island


Newport is one of my favorite towns in the New England area. With its mansions, the ocean, the charming shops, antique stores, dining places, shopping boutiques —  it has everything I will find an excuse to take a trip for. As a matter of fact, any time we have friends  visiting from India, it is the one place that stays on top of our places to do a little New England show off =))

Last weekend we took a little getaway and stayed at The Attwater. It is like taking a step into history where the charm and hospitality from the early 20th century seems to have remained intact and the decor has taken a much more contemporary-modern turn. Infact, the bright colors and vibrant interiors are what catch your eye the moment you walk in!


Will you look at that lounging room! I was ready to move in..


Our suite was decorated in the same coastal chic style.


We checked in late Friday night and after a comfortable sleep in the marshmallow like bed,  headed downstairs for the small-plates style breakfast. I love a place where the guests are welcomed as friends into homes and fed with love! Warning… the  cranberry bread is so delicious, overeating could happen!


LovePlayingDressup-neha-gandhi-attwater-rhodeisland-3Oh and by the way, homemade cookies and brownies are served all day long! It is always the little things that will make you want to come back.

I got a few emails from some of you regarding your plans to come down to Newport in the summer – here are my quick recommendations.


There is so much to do in this little town, the mansions being the greatest draw. The opulence of these homes is like none other and plus many Hollywood movies have been shot in and around them. ( I love fun facts like these and hunt for familiar locations =)) ) Not an experience to be missed. The Breakers and the Rose Cliff are my favorites. The Marble house is a close second.

Ocean drive is a beautiful drive offering views of the ocean on one side and manicured golf courses and lawns of private communities on the other. There are parking areas in between and a few vista points as well. We already have plans to come down with our bikes. I also want to go upto the lighthouse next time we are here.

The boardwalk is another happening and exciting place to be.  Along it runs the Thames street which is the quintessential touristy street. Take a stroll down here for people watching, shopping from local boutiques and small cafes.


Corner cafe : You know I love my brunches, this one comes to mind because they serve pancakes all day long!

Mad hatter bakery : To get you sugar fix – the cookies are de-li-ci-ious!!

Thames Waterside Grill : it is all about the view!! Although there aren’t that many vegetarian options, a simple sandwich and fries sitting outside overlooking the pretty boats turns into a fancy meal.

Perro Salado : Amongst all the seafood restaurant deluge, a good mexican restaurant is a welcome option for vegetarians like me.

To stay :

Our hotel was one of those boutique hotels staying true to what they are known for – adorable decor, comfort and hospitality. We loved the fact that it was close to most popular spots and more importantly, parking was easily available, a perk for fellow Bostonians since we would mostly drive down there.LovePlayingDressup-neha-gandhi-attwater-rhodeisland-8LovePlayingDressup-neha-gandhi-attwater-rhodeisland-4LovePlayingDressup-neha-gandhi-attwater-rhodeisland-shopthemint-1

There are little nooks in the hotel, ideal for sitting with a good book. ( I just finished this one, the series is one of my favorites in the historical fiction genre ) There is even a terrace adjoining the hotel building and while it wasn’t setup yet for the season ( still too cold !!! ) but going by the pictures on the website, it is just that gorgeous living room taken outside… in the sun… and you know what that means!! We will have to come back =)) xo – Neha


A big Thank you The Attwater for the wonderful stay and kind hospitality



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