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Are you the bike-at-full-speed – get your cardio in kind of rider?  Or more like me – ride at your own pace, wave at the passersby, yell over the shoulders talking to friends ?

LovePlayingDressup-Neha-Gandhi-biking-11LovePlayingDressup-Neha-Gandhi-biking-Featured LovePlayingDressup-Neha-Gandhi-biking-2UE Boom Bluetooth speaker, Motorola walkie-talkie

Earlier this month, the husband and I, along with a few friends headed to the Cape Cod Biking Trail ( my favorite! ) with our bikes in tow. I almost never travel without my Bluetooth speaker and brought them along. I love having some music while biking – imagine wind in your face, water on one side and music in the air.  Pure Romance!  Also, one of my other favorite gadgets to carry, is my walkie-talkie. They might seems silly and redundant because we all carry cellphones. But trust me, it is so much fun with the hello-check-check-alpha-beta-calling-over-and-out. Amit and I use it around the house all the time. Nestled between the flowers in my pretty basket – my pretty embroidered bag and the gadgets make a good fashion-meets-technology statement.

Some of you asked me about how comfortable it is to bike in a dress. Fair Question! This one from Shein is quite flowy – it is definitely easier to bike in a loose dress instead o a fitted one. And yes, wear bike shorts =)) xo Neha

LovePlayingDressup-Neha-Gandhi-biking-3Outfit details: Shein dress c/o, Converse sneakers, bag, sunnies



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