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I love picnics. If the agenda says pack a spread, chill under the sun and enjoy endless conversations – it must be summer!

Last weekend, my girlfriend and I, along with our guys packed a picnic and headed to Colts State Park in Rhode Island. She is leaving Boston (breaking my heart – but so happy for her!) and moving across the country – we decided to spend the day together and what could be better than a picnic to enjoy the New England summer, which by the way is on her checklist of New England(y) things-to-do =))


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Here’s a checklist to ensure that you have a perfectly planned picnic 

  • Picnic Spot : Even though this is a key factor in the planning a picnic, don’t spend too much time on picking the location. As long as the location isn’t too crowded you are good to go. Infacr,  I am always up for an impromptu picnic in the backyard as well.
  • Picnic basket or bag : Ok! if I  were to be completely honest with you, one of the reasons I love picnics is because I get to take out my cute picnic carry-ons. This striped tote  from Floto Bags is perfect to pack a picnic blanket, board games, magazines and any extras. I have been a huge fan of bags from Floto for the quality of their products. This tote with the bold stripes and leather detailing is no different. Use a basket to pack food items such as sandwiches, fruits, sweets, etc. If needed, you can also take a cooler to pack things such as cheese, soda, wine and so on.
  • blanket and cushions : Don’t forget to carry a blanket and throw in a few pillows to lazily lounge after a good meal.
  • Basic essentials : These little things are the basics but it’s a pain if you forget to carry them – disposable utensils, plates, napkins, wine/bottle opener, glasses, thrash bags, moist towels, water bottles.
  • Entertainment : I almost never go for an adventure without my Bluetooth speaker – be it biking, hiking, picnic or even when we are sitting outside by the pool. I love the UE Boom speakers. Bring a board game, Uno, cards, magazines, ball, Frisbee to play with or whatever else you’d like to do.
  • Camera : Oh don’t forget that! Your iPhone camera will also do just fine as well. I am however obsessed with Instant Cameras lately. Have fun. Make memories. Say cheese ! =)) 


Outfit details : gingham shirt – similar here & here, 7fam jeans  ( less pricey version ), Burberry flats, sunnies, lipstick


A huge Thank You to Floto for partnering on this post



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    1. Thank you Sam. I love the top for the gingham and the peplum touch as well 🙂


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