A note to the mister on our Anniversary & some Wedding pictures



I’d choose you in a hundred lifetimes in a hundred worlds,
in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you

LovePlayingDressup-NehaGandhi-WeddingCard-21Our wedding card 

 I can’t believe that five years have flown by so fast. We started our journey, took the seven vows in front of the sacred fire, our friends and family. 1500 guests, seven days of wedding celebrations, adventurous backpacking trips, traveling to 15 countries together, buying a new house, starting a business , so many house parties, changing jobs, sharing so many laughs and tears in between- and five years later – here we are ! Although, honestly, most days it still feels the same as the first day I met you in college and we became friends . You make me laugh just the same, dance with me at the very cue of music and still fight with me over the last slice of pizza. But we have grown together in these years – I see how strongly you stand by me each day, you fill our lives with positivity and take care of the little things of our lives that I don’t even see.  The man behind the camera, the reason for those smiles/laughs/goofy faces. You make me see the light when I think the tunnel is unending and you help me not fret over frivolous things. You kick me out of the house to go to the gym when I am slacking and berate me for working too late and not catching a break. I love that we are both devout about our little things like eating in bed while watching re-runs of friends late in the night or talking in silly rhyming phrases. I don’t know what I could have ever done to get so lucky and I promise to never take for granted, a single day of this togetherness.

Love you, mister.

I get asked many times for our wedding story and pictures. The brutal thing is that my hard-drive crashed a few weeks and ALL my wedding pictures were in there. We have a couple backups CDs but the CD played on my laptop isn’t working. Our parents have backups as well – but with so many backups, all I have right now are the pictures on my phone. Like every bride, I think we had the most amazing wedding. In typical Indian ( and Bollywood ) style, we had a seven-day wedding, 3 receptions, a henna party, a dance night, the actual wedding ceremony and a few religious ceremonies. The best part about the entire wedding was that we enjoyed every bit of it, slept barely and danced a lot and at the risk of sounding corny – I truly feel that the party is still on… Here’s to five years!


LOVEPLAYINGDRESSUP-Neha-Gandhi-Marriage-Anniversary-18Ring holder

LOVEPLAYINGDRESSUP-Neha-Gandhi-Marriage-Anniversary-6Stage setup for Sangeet ( dance/cocktail ) night

LOVEPLAYINGDRESSUP-Neha-Gandhi-Marriage-Anniversary-2the groom arriving in a 3-horse driven carriage


LOVEPLAYINGDRESSUP-Neha-Gandhi-Marriage-Anniversary-14henna – this picture was taken when it was about 75% done

LOVEPLAYINGDRESSUP-Neha-Gandhi-Marriage-Anniversary-9bride arriving in a palanquin carried that was carried by my brother and some close friend. It signifies the journey from the father’s home to the groom’s


LOVEPLAYINGDRESSUP-Neha-Gandhi-Marriage-Anniversary-4the tassels hanging from my wrists are similar to the bouquet that the bride throws for her girlfriends to catch. In this case, the bride rubs her wrists over her friend’s heads until a tassel falls off =))

LOVEPLAYINGDRESSUP-Neha-Gandhi-Marriage-Anniversary-3 LOVEPLAYINGDRESSUP-Neha-Gandhi-Marriage-Anniversary-17

LOVEPLAYINGDRESSUP-Neha-Gandhi-Marriage-Anniversary-13the stage for one of the receptions




LOVEPLAYINGDRESSUP-Neha-Gandhi-Marriage-Anniversary-7LOVEPLAYINGDRESSUP-Neha-Gandhi-Marriage-Anniversary-20 taking the seven vows of marriage signified by seven rounds around the holy fire



    1. Thank you so much Molly. That is increddibly sweet of you. xo

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