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I had a lot of fun writing this post. We will soon be celebrating five years of wedding bliss and as I think about it, I think we are in that sweet spot of marital life where his things have conveniently become yours and everything that’s yours’ is automatically his!   You don’t have to worry about running out of razors, because there’s always his stash to steal from. Or just borrow his t-shirt for sleeping in. ( TMI? )  I guess that’s one of the perks of marriage – sharing in lieu of laziness or forgetting to get something for weeks in a row. But all that is mushy-mushy when I am the one borrowing! It gets out of control when he puts on the borrower’s cap. The pizza slice from last night that I left in the fridge with dreams of relishing in the morning, suddenly disappears. Or I find the pillows swapped.. just like that – non-chalnatly, while sleeps innocently on my fluffed up pillows!  It is with everything – lip moisturizer, shampoo … and oh the iPhone charger. That is somehow always missing from my nightstand.  The mint from my purse is so often gone that I dont even bother anymore buying his share. Instead, I keep my backup mints. You see – out of control!!

Clearly, I am having much fun penning all this down. I can go on and on about the tales from my home and complaining about the liberties that the  husband takes …

But it isn’t just the story of my household – read the market research stats here ! I am cracking up at results !!!


Now with the beautiful weather finally bestowed upon Boston, our backyard pool is finally open and we are finding every excuse to be outside. We are both crazy for ice-cream – – be it summer afternoons by the pool or a cold winter evening by the fireplace. While he never strays far from his vanilla or chocolate scoops, I am mostly trying a different flavor. Needless to say, he always, always wants some of mine. 


   his watch





I love these Skinny Cow Vanilla Bean Dream ice-cream sandwiches – it is vanilla bean bliss with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate wafers and veiled in a rich, chocolatey coating. To find an indulgence near you, visit the Skinny Cow store locator. I know him too well and know that he will have his eyes ( and sneaky hands ) on my plate. The solution – share your indulgences! My mantra – One for you, two for me =)) xo Neha


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    1. I am a sucker for ice-cream sandwiches and usually can never stop at 1 😀


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