Along Came A Box – A Unique Way of Gifting

LovePlayingDressup-Along_Came_A_Box-2Outfit details: J Jill denim tunic, white ripped jeans, Chanel lipstick 

It is said that gift-giving is a language of love. It’s true! Think about it, a simple, pure way of letting someone know that they were on your mind – that you were thinking of them …. That’s why I love birthdays.. and the tradition of giving ( and receiving… duh! ) gifts. Making someone feel special is a gift you are giving yourself!


LovePlayingDressup-Along_Came_A_Box-1Now imagine, making someone’s day special .. showering them with gifts… all day long! Wow – I’d really love that. Enter Along Came A Box.


I am totally blown away by the idea behind this company – you can curate a box with a gift for every hour and send it to a loved one. It is letting someone know how much you care not once, but all throughout the day. Did I say, how much I love this concept? =))

Here’s a peek from the box – filled with delicate, thoughtful gifts, individually wrapped in bags – one for each hour. Also, how cute is each bag with a clock painted on it indicating the hour it is meant to be opened at?


You can curate the box by customizing each gift – color, scent, pattern.. It really goes to show that you have created this special box just for the one meant to receive it.

pjimage-5 copy

Each gift is made by American small businesses and thus they are unique and special in their own way. Also, as a special touch , each gift comes with a mini card telling you the story behind the item.


I am obsessed with the scent of this soy candle !

LovePlayingDressup-Along_Came_A_Box-Featured-3 LovePlayingDressup-Along_Came_A_Box-5

I remember hiding little things on the mister’s birthday many years ago when we were dating – like in the bathroom closet, his sock drawer, the fridge next to the milk carton, inside his sneakers.. haha! There was this sweet happy anticipation I felt, waiting for him to find and open each gift.  I cannot wait to send this box to my girlfriend who lives across the country on her birthday. Plus every gift in the box is practical, cute and fun – check, check & check!

You can use the code LPD10 to get a discount on the Oh-So-Classic Full day Birthday Box. Let me know who’s the special person in your life you would love to send this to.


Thank you to Along Came A Box for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. Thank you to all of you for supporting the brands that help support this blog.




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