New Website Launch + a Giveaway

Hey guys… things are new around here! And you have no idea how happy it makes me to say that. I almost want to break into my happy dance because if you are reading this – that means the new website is up and running =))

We have been working arduously for over two months trying to revamp this space. Let me tell you, it was far more strenuous and time-consuming than re-doing our entire living room which we almost had to tear apart, repaint, furnish and decorate. Haha! So you can believe me when I say that blood, sweat and tears have been shed. Much credit to Amit for working incessantly with the developers, the hosting company, the database team and moreover, jumping into the code himself so many times. The computer science grad in me was finally able to merge the two worlds I live in. We couldn’t be happier with how the site has turned out.

Let’s look at the changes – When we started thinking about the re-design, an overarching direction that I had in mind was that this space should be where you’d stop by for something and will find it seamlessly – whether that’s a quick read over coffee, when looking for inspiration for any upcoming project ( be it choosing an outfit or decorating a corner in your house or planning a getaway), or even to say hi ( oh how I love that! – you know it if you said connected with me over email or a dm. Did you sense my excitement?=)) )

Here are some of the changes :

  1. Categorized Content : You can now find content categorized under Style, Travel, Decor, Lifestyle and Recipes. This was there on the previous site as well, but wasn’t very well tuned.
  2. Shop My Instagram : You guys have been engaging more with style posts over on my Instagram and many a times, the linking on Instagram makes it difficult to get the details of the products ( not to mention, unclickable URLs on Instagram! ) There is now an easy to find Shop My Instagram link on the header.
  3. Shop my Insta-Stories : Ha! Thinking about adding this feature was a rather sweet revelation! I started using Insta-stories with an idea to share my ongoing moments with mom. My most loyal follower. ( ahh love you, Mom! ) It makes me so happy to receive direct messages on Instagram asking for product details. I share my outfits while heading out of the door ( work clothes most of the time ), book I am reading, kitchen gadgets, any new beauty product or pillow mist that I am trying, you know… just the general day-to-day life stuff. You can find all that here.
  4. Press Mentions: This page is all about the small wins. Every mention means SO much to me! Amit pushed me hard to work on this – I kept on putting it on a back-burner arguing that time should be spent on other important stuff. But I now see his point – we are all so engrossed in the big success that we don’t allow ourselves take a moment to savor the small victories. It is like a dose of encouragement when you are falling short of some.
  5. Content Schedule : Any blogger worth their salt will tell you consistency is key. I’ll be downright honest here – I haven’t been able to keep that end of the bargain very… well consistently. That changes now! Monday and Friday – there will be content for you. And Ofcourse, as time permits, I will have more posts during the week. And, ofcourse – life happens and there will be times when this might not happen – but that’s okay!
  6. Newsletter : We are working on an exclusive newsletter for subscribers – I’ll be sharing insider tips, fun life updates, amazing sale finds, etc. I wont be spamming your mailbox with daily emails for sure – I’ll come say hello every once in a while =)) Sign up for it here.

Now most importantly, I want to know what you think about the changes. You know when I started the blog, my sole purpose was to connect with you – share my story, listen to yours ( I wrote about it here – the first post I created on this site ) That is my favorite part about blogging – hearing from you – getting to know you ! Let me know what you are liking, what you are connecting with, what you’d like to see.

Oh yes – and what’s a launch party without some fun party favors!

I am giving away a Vineyard Vine clutch ( $100 value ) and a pair of Marc Jacobs sunnies ( $250 value ) to celebrate the launch.

My India-based readers always complain that the fun giveaways never include them. This time, you have a chance to win a 1000Rs. Shoppers Stop gift card! Leave a note with your email address, while entering below if you are in India.

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  1. You always do great work! Congrats on television new site! I subscribed for the newsletter and I put in the raffle copter my e,ail that I used to subscribe…I hope I did it right. I’m from us.
    It’s been a while since I’ve had time to go and get back in touch with and read my favorite bloggers/blogs. Slowly but surely I’ve been making ,your rounds on the Web and IG. You still look great! Glad to see your doing well for yourself!

    1. Wow- was typing too fast and no wayou to edit- obviously meant Co grats on the new site not the television site lol…

  2. Awesome giveaway 😍 really wish to win 😍❤ your site is really Awesome !! I’m from india

  3. Hi Neha, happy new year! I love the new look and I can tell a lot of thought and hard work has gone into it. Wish you continued success!


  4. YOur website is beautiful. i love how clean it looks and the features you have added on the side. sometimes i see your instastories and want to see the details of the sweater you are wearing. this is helpful. can you please share the blazer you wore shared last week – you said you were going to office. thank you.

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