Postcards from Ireland + Vlog

It has been over three months since our Ireland Trip – but there is so much I have yet to share. So exciting to hear that some of you are planning a trip in the upcoming months and a few of you are contemplating between a few places – one option being Ireland. Well in that case, this post is dedicated to you! This is going to help you make that decision in an instant – you are welcome =))

Not surprisingly, we took thousands of pictures in our 10 day trip, but Ireland has so much to offer – you almost want to capture ever single place you pass through. This post is all about the highlights of the trip – I had so much fun going through all the pictures & videos and relive all the moments. You can read the detailed itinerary here.

The night life in Dubai is beyond par. The streets are alive until late hours of the night, music flowing out of pubs ( live local Irish bands are so much fun – make sure you do make time to linger around a bit). It also felt very safe walking down alleys – which is very important in my travel books.

The Irish country side is filled with little houses. Honestly, you dont have to scout them or spend hours tracking locations of a house you found on Pinterest ( true story! ) – skip the highways and take the internal roads and it is fairy-tale houses galore.

Just like quaint houses – goats, sheep, cows and horses are a regular sighting on the sides of the roads. Keep your eyes open and cameras ready.

Some of you emailed asking if we would recommend Downpatrick Head or Cliffs of Moher instead. Due to time constraints, we could do only one as well and after speaking with a few locals plus considering Downptarick Head was closer to our route – we chose this instead. Downpatrick head is magnificent and from what we hear, pretty similar minus the hordes of tourists. We reached there around 4pm and we had the place to ourselves until dusk. Also, I think I’ve said this earlier – one thing we have learnt from all the travels we’ve done –  It will never be possible to see very city, tourist attraction or  every country for that matter. But enjoying every little bit of where you are is what matters at the end. You wouldn’t remember the places you couldn’t visit but the ones you did – will remain with you! =))

If you plan to go around the country, renting a car is your best option.  We rented from Hertz Ireland which had a location very close to the center.  Tips for driving in Ireland can be found here 


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