Annoying things people say when you are pregnant #eyeroll

Outfit details : Cape dress – it is non-maternity. ( I went one size up ) / also comes in black, Cuyana bag, sandals ( so comfortable and I have been wearing them with everything lately! ), sunnies, lipstick

Happy Friday! Are you guys (in the US ) ready for the long weekend? I know I am! Work is as busy as ever and whether I like to admit or not, I am starting to get tired, earlier than I used to.

Today’s post is a light-hearted, rather funny penning of the comments I have received so far from people (now that the bump is starting to show) =)) some of them from complete, random strangers… huh!

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Outfit details : Cape dress – it is non-maternity. ( I went one size up ) / also comes in black, Cuyana bag, sandals ( so comfortable and I have been wearing them with everything lately! ), sunnies, lipstick

  1. “Are you allowed to have that?” – Lady in line behind me at Starbucks.

Me: suddenly trying to defend myself – “actually…I am really cutting down on caffeine and doctor said I can have a little every day and I am going to share this with my husband. Omg !! I know I don’t need to get so defensive – but I suddenly doubt my intake choices” cue – eating the husband’s ears off asking if it is okay for me to have this judgement causing coffee!  All that confidence gone out of the window!

  1. “I hope you aren’t jumping around now?” – Loving relative (who I know means well)

Me : ( in my head ) Not sure what jumping around means, not that I was ziplining or skydiving even before. ( What I really say ) Ofcourse, I am being really careful with everything I do. #eyeroll

  1. “Sleep as much as possible now because you won’t be getting any sleep in a few months” – Well-meaning friends, family, colleagues, strange guy at gym

Me :  (in my head ) can you eat so much in one sitting so that you are good for weeks to come? No, only camels do that. So pray tell me, how can I sleep now, for later? (What I really say)  haha.

  1. “You should eat more – you are now eating for two!” – umm everyone!!

Me : screw the head talk… lets order extra dessert, pizza and extra fries for the table.

  1. “Oh don’t worry about that, it your hormones” – the mister!!

Me : How about I kick you and show you the physical strength of those hormones!!

  1. And now my favorite rapid fire of TMIs ( too much information seeking or sharing ) –
  • Did you guys plan this pregnancy?

          Me :  I am sure I heard you wrong, but please don’t repeat the question!

  • I had no idea you guys were trying!

           Me:  Now, I am pretty sure I am hearing things incorrectly.

  • People sharing Labor stories !! Random people.. strangers… colleagues…lady at grocery store checkout counter!!

        Me :  Thank God for my innate talent to phase out so easily even while I stand in front of you  

 Seriously guys, this is not even half of the stuff people say. But I know it comes from a place of concern or lack of knowing what to say!

P.S. This post is not meant to be offensive to anyone in any way – especially if you are my friend/relative ( and mom !! ) haha  – xx Neha




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  1. This is such a great post!! I totally agree! Wait till you have your baby they start harassing you for baby #2. ugh!!! Anyways Congratulations!

  2. Haha, I can definitely relate to some of these!The one that was super annoying in the beginning was if it was okay for me to workout. Obviously I would check with my doctor first, duh! I can’t believe the nerve of that lady at Starbucks, next time, don’t answer these stupid comments, it’s none of these people’s concern what you eat or drink. How did she know that it wasn’t a decaf beverage or like you said, that you were going to share or perhaps it wasn’t for you? People need to mind their business. Okay, I’m done with my rant, haha. You look beautiful in this dress and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far; Happy Memorial Day!



  3. This makes me laugh. It is all so true – I never got so much unsolicited advice/random comments and questions. It is crazy! You have a good sense of humor about it. LOVE this yellow on you. You are a vision.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. You look so beautiful in that yellow dress and I cannot believe you are finding so many ways to look stylish during this pregnancy. I’ve been pregnant twice so I’ve heard some of these and totally agree. I’m glad you’re finding the humor in it!

    xo Elizabeth

  5. Lol, this gave a good laugh. It’s like if you’re pregnant, everyone things they are involved and can give unsolicited advice! P.s The dress looks lovely on you.

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