Floral Trench Coat


Outfit details: Wilsons Leather Floral Trench Coat, orange sundress, Hunter boots, YSL lipstick, Straw bag , Prada sunnies

A few days ago we took a drive down to Rhode Island to check out the latest talk of the town – the Johnston Wicked Tulip Farms! It is a pure visual treat as the car starts nearing the farm.  Over 400,000 tulips lined in perfectly manicured rows and sections where you can meander to pick your own stems – you can easily lose yourself and lose track of time in this floral heaven.

With little kids running around, families posing and  couples kissing to catch the perfect shot with their two-lips between the tulips, this little family ( that hails from Holland, btw! ) owned farm makes the perfect backdrop for springtime family pictures.  Don’t forget to bring your cameras ( needless to say since no one leaves the house anymore without anyway these days) and purchase a ticket online before leaving. A couple of weeks ago, we almost hit the road towards Johnston and Amit asked me to call the farm and check if we could take pictures – thank goodness I made that call, because they were sold out that day! Think about making a 3 hour drive and returning empty-handed & empty SD cards – huh!

The weather has been a bit erratic lately – sunny days peppered with rain showers. You never know what the weather might offer – it is New England after all! I brought this floral trench coat with me to throw on over my cotton sundress. The print on the coat is simply beautiful, like wearing a bouquet of flowers. The coat isn’t too warm thus making it the perfect for a springtime layer. Over the years, I have purchased quite a few pieces from Wilsons Leather. I like that their collection is very curated – high quality pieces and unique-selected designs. This ombre sweater I had picked up before our trip to Ireland remains a favorite in my closet.

Can I tell you guys a secret? I realized don’t have an eye for picking flowers. I saw some people packing the prettiest, beautifully color-coordinated stems at the self-pack stations – while I had picked the most random ones, even Amit rolled his eyes at my picks! Clearly not meant to be a florist. haha =)) xo Neha


A big thank you to Wilsons Leather  for partnering on this post




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  1. Ohhh I loved this on IG and I love it even more on the blog. What a perfect backdrop. This trench and dress are just so lovely!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. that is so sweet of you Amy Ann! the tulip farm was really beautiful and such a perfect backdrop for pictures 🙂
      xx Neha

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