RENDEVOUS and Monthly Favorites – Edition 1

Happy Friday and hello from this side of the world! I am writing this post from Bombay =)) The jetlag is real you guys, we reached last night at 4am and I have barely slept two hours since then. We are here to celebrate my brother and have a big engagement bash for him.

I thought it would be a nice to start a series here sharing what’s going on lately – with life, upcoming plans, interesting stuff that I came across, answering questions that I get  on Instastories. It might be random, but I promise you are going to love reading these – it’ll be like chatting with a friend =))

    • Travel Plans / Baby Moon – Everyone seems to be asking this question lately. We had a trip planned to one of the places that I have wanted to go for a very long time – almost everything was in place for our trip. But then last week, we booked tickets to go to India. I know!! so last-minute and so unplanned. But there’s a lot of exciting stuff happening (touchwood!) that Amit and I wanted to come home for. It is a short 10 day trip, but we decided to cancel our other travel plans for now to see how I was feeling after the long journey.
    • Car Saga – Oh Instastory family! You saw the immature-slightly dramatic side of me when my car was being totaled and taken away. Saying goodbye to my convertible was so painful. We knew we would have to get a new car for me in a few months anyway, but I wasn’t ready to let go of it just yet. That’s an added thing to do now on top of the million other things we have going and that is giving me so much anxiety. I’ll keep you’ll updated on how that goes.
    • Favorite things lately :
      • Aveda Hair Thickening Tonic – I cannot say enough good things about this product.  I have really thin, pin straight hair and almost no volume. So curling has always been a moot point because the curls just wouldn’t stay. I started using this recently and have been in love with the results. Whether I curl or not, I see a noticeable difference in the volume of the overall hair. Also, if I am curling my hair – I use the Tresemme two hold spray – it works!
      • Podcast – I am obsessed with podcasts. My drive to work is almost an hour each way, so podcasts are my favorite drive buddies. My favorite one ever is How I Built This – it is a show interviewing established entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban (shark tank fame), Sir Richard Branson, Sarah Blakely (founder of Spanx), Kate and Andy Spade ( of Kate Spade ofcourse ) and many more innovators. Aside from the amazing content/questions/stories, I love the Guy Raz, the host who is just a wonderful conversationalist. Have any of you heard this one?
      • Shhh.. I am snapping pillow– This has to be the most appropriate pillow that speaks my sentiments. I am addicted to Instastories and Amit invariably interrupts me when I am in the middle of recording. I am a pillow hoarder if you may – and am loving some really funny worded ones – see them here.
    • Exciting stuff on the blog front : A digital panel representing my partnership with Simon Malls went up in the South Shore Plaza Mall last week. It is so surreal and I cannot help feeling grateful for the amazing opportunities and wonderful people I get to meet through the blog.  Also, did you catch my podcast interview on the show Design By, hosted by Laura Powers. It was fun talking about the blogging industry which is still fairly a mystery to so many and also about managing a full time corporate job and running a blog as a business. Let me know what you guys thought about it.

For the next few days, I am looking forward to getting pampered, shopping, family time and I can’t believe I am saying this – but I am seriously looking forward to eating healthy. Haha – because usually coming to Bombay means indulging in the street food, the spicy-fried stuff, but this time I am craving the home cooked meals. Have a wonderful weekend with whatever you have going – xo Neha




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    1. Thanks Uma. So true – I had been getting a lot of questions on insta stories that spurred this idea.


    1. My car had some water damage happening through the convertible top 🙁
      and water damage can lead to electrical problems which insurance companies try to stay away from – as those could keep creeping back up 🙁

  1. Have a wonderful time in India celebrating your brother’s engagement! I have a few Indian friends and I know the marriage celebration from start to finish is elaborate and lots of fun! Also, congrats on the panel that went up, you look amazing! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week ahead!



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