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Dreft purtouchpink lace topmaternity jeansTed Baker bedding set, Ted Baker bow pillowsThompson Ferrier buddha candle, Vant red headboard panels


I can’t believe that the home stretch has begun! We are in the third trimester people!! Most days I feel like there’s a lot of time left before baby comes and then there are days, when I am panic central! We don’t have a nursery yet, haven’t started on the registry, have yet to take the classes offered at the hospital… just to share a few things that we have to get to! The list of things to do to plan for our baby girl’s arrival is endless and somehow keeps growing every time we check something off. Both of us are very research oriented, what that means is even the smallest decision is made after extensive research, reading reviews, talking to people!

One of the things I added to my early research about products was to find the best detergent to wash baby clothes. Dreft Purtouch was a clear choice based on all the reviews and details I read. It is known to be the #1 pediatrician recommended baby detergent brand and the new Dreft purtouch formula is 65% plant-based, hypoallergenic and made with naturally derived ingredients so it is gentle on the baby’s skin. New clothes can come in contact with dirt, dyes & chemicals so pre-washing baby clothes is very essential  ( and I am super diligent when it comes to hygiene ). Infact, dermatologists recommend washing baby clothes before the first wear – so its not just me who’s being obsessive =)) Upon further research I found out that Dreft purtouch is a gentle yet effective option for the first wash and every wash after that.

We are very naive ( read clueless ) and learning as we go, about this new phase of life ( which I am sure most first time parents will relate to). I’d love to know any other such tips/favorite products or other research items that you mamas or mamas-to-be have in your back pocket.  xo Neha

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Dreft purtouch, pink lace top, maternity jeans, Ted Baker bedding set, Ted Baker bow pillows, Thompson Ferrier buddha candle, Vant red headboard panels


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