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Gingham top, Schwinn bike, Wicker bike basket, J Brand jeans, tan sandals, Alice & Olivia sunnies, Tom Ford lpstick

Happy Wednesday guys! I completely missed  getting my Monday post up. The weekend was just overwhelmingly busy and Monday was weird, for lack of a better term. I dint sleep much the night before and woke up feeling so drained out. I don’t know where that came from, I even came home earlier from work – which I never do! But I am listening to my body and giving it the rest it demands.

My workout schedule has gone completely out of the window but like I mentioned here in this post ( how to stay active during pregnancy ) – we still try ride our bikes even if it’s just a couple days a week. When I shared snippets of biking on InstaStories last week, a lot of you questioned if it was okay to be riding. Trust me – I don’t take a step without consulting my doctor and I have the doctor’s okay for this. You just have to be extra careful during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester because the body’s balance gets loopy and you don’t want to fall.

His :Schwinn Signature Urban Traveler Womens 

Hers :Schwinn Signature Urban Traveler Womens 

Early this year, we got new bikes from Schwinn. Until now, Amit had a mountain bike and I was using my hybrid version but since both of us ride quite a lot on the city trails, we wanted something more urban and good for easy trails. I am obsessed with the vintage(y) look of this one. I would be lying if I said that color wasn’t one of the biggest reasons for picking this one =)) What can I say – it had me at the chic blue.  The bikes are lightweight and very comfortable. They came un-assembled and were really easy to put together. My favorite thing to do while biking is to have music streaming from the bluetooth portable speaker  and feel the wind on my face. ( If you have to know, it is always some Bollywood number on my playlist, huh! ) Even on a hot summer day, this is like therapy.


Here are some of the essentials & good to have items you need if you are planning a biking day

Car Rack ( to mount bikes )
Bike lock
Wicker Basket for flowers ( defintelly a must! ) 
Water Bottle holder 
Cellphone mount

Do you love biking? Let me know your favorite trails from where you live!  xo Neha




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