Summer on the Cape


Happy Friday guys! Last week we took a trip down to Cape for a few days. Cape Cod in the summer is such a quintessential New England thing to do. Each year invariably we go to the Cape Cod Trail with bikes in tow. After coming back from India last month, both our schedules have been such a whirlwind, so taking this time off and having some R & R at a luxury resort felt so refreshing.

We stayed at the Ocean Edge Resort. Our room was on the mansion side of the property and literally a two minutes walk from the beach. The resort has a private beach and they provide the beach chairs and umbrellas. Trust me, that is such a treat because other beaches on the Cape are insanely crowded during the summers, as you can imagine.

A and I took long walks on the beach everyday – it felt so relaxing and calm. It seriously was my favorite part of the little vacation and just what we needed.

We took our bikes one of the days on the beach and it was more difficult riding it there than I thought it would be. hah!  The resort also has bike rentals if you don’t want to carry yours.

It poured torrentially one afternoon, but staying in our cozy room was not a bad option either. If we weren’t on the beach, we were eating at one of the restaurants on the property and if not doing those things,  then sleeping in.  Dolce Niénte ( the art of doing nothing)  is a good for the soul sometimes. Try it!  Have a great weekend with whatever you have planned – xo Neha


A big Thank You to the Ocean Edge Resort for hosting us.





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    1. It sure was a perk! waking up and taking early morning walks on the beach were my favorite part. 🙂

    1. Cape Code does have that quality – every picture will have the most charming backdrop 🙂

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