Luxury is in the details


Our house has been a labor of love from the time we moved in. We moved in with practically no furniture except for a few pieces that we brought in from our rental. Slowly over time, we worked on each room – decorating it, making it functional, making it cozy, making it chic – making it ours! ( You can check out some of our room decor posts here).  Obviously, I can never say that the house is done – we still have some rooms yet to be touched and besides, redesigning and redecorating spaces will always be an ongoing project. One of the things that gets us both excited about, are the little details  – all those that go on lend the perfect finishing touches to any project.

Recently, when Legrand reached out to us to try out their Adorne collection – after checking out their innovative collection of light switches, outlets and wall plates – it dint take much for us to get excited. We spend so much time on selecting other attributes during a room’s design – the paint, the decor, the rugs, etc. – focusing on the little details such as the switch plate only adds to the luxe feel of the space. Plus, it was a DIY project – that A can never say no to =))

One of my favorite styles from the collection is the dimmer switch. I am obsessed with chandeliers as most of you know and the way the light plays with the dimmer switches, elevates the space ( and the mood! ) entirely. Another favorite? The inbuilt USB compatible switches. Such a functional and stylish touch to a switchboard. I love how an everyday light switch creates a style statement.


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Thank you to Legrand for partnering on this post. All expressed opinions are 100% my own.




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