The Swaddle Battles

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What’s with swaddles and babies? It is a true example of a love-hate relation! I think we’ve tried every swaddle in the world and Zoe has taken it as a personal challenge to pull her hands out of each one. Amit and I joke that since we watched so many episodes of Ninja Warrior while I was pregnant, this girl has picked up on those traits =))

In our culture, keeping the baby swaddled at all times is the norm. Even our doctor encourages that, as swaddling helps recreate the same environment for the baby  as they had inside the womb – cozy and secure. When Baby K’tan reached out for us to try their infant swaddles available on Amazon,  , I decided to give that a try especially since the swaddles are made of breathable fabric and 100% organic cotton. Since the weather has been unseasonably warm lately, these swaddle/blankets are perfect as they prevent overheating for the baby.

Since my little ninja warrior doesn’t like being swaddled tightly, especially during her awake-play hours, we have been keeping her loosely swaddled in these blankets. They come in a pack of two and I’ve kept the second one in the diaper bag. Super useful like when you want to throw something on the baby when she is in the car seat or when you are taking a stroll and want to tuck her with a light blanket. They can be used as nursing covers as well  and while I haven’t had to try nursing in public yet, having a multifunctional blanket handy is a good idea.

Like I’ve shared on my Instastories so many times about swaddles – we’ve tried so many and have some of our favorites, these Baby K’tan ones are what I use quite often for daytime swaddling. Now only if they came in pretty pink shades =))


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Thank you to Baby K’tan for partnering on this post. All opinions are my own.



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  1. So many babies hate the swaddle when they gain a little more weight it helps :)These swaddles sound amazing! Anything to help a baby be more comfy right?
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

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