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A lot of times I get asked about how I manage working a full-time corporate job and run a blog. I always believe that it is about time management and although I have a lot ( a LOT! ) of honing that needs to be done in that regard, having a schedule and sticking to it ( as much as possible ) helps. I decided to share what my mornings, before leaving for work look like.  I am also using this opportunity to share a new everyday essentials brand that I was recently introduced to, Uniquely J by Jet .

Now this is before I went on maternity leave – so this schedule will definitely be changing. I’ll be sure to share an update once we are in that groove.

6am – 6.45am : I wake up at 6am, jump into the shower and am ready by 6.45. Staying away from checking social media during this time is key, because that is a most times a sink-hole that will take up this precious morning time.

6.45am – 7.45am : The next one hour is dedicated to reading news over coffee, perusing blog related emails, marking the ones that need immediate response and ones than can wait a little, planning and scheduling social media posts of the day, scheduling shoots and brainstorming ideas with Amit for upcoming projects.

But first… coffee… 

You all know that I am very particular about my coffee. Recently, when Uniquely J asked me to try out their products, the very fact their coffee is organic and fairly traded, ofcourse I said yes. A good coffee is my brain’s power juice and I’ll give this a thumbs-up! And most importantly, it passed Amit’s test…he is a coffee connoisseur ( read – coffee snob =)) )

7.45am – 8.15am : If there is one thing that I am very diligent about, it is my meals… small portions at regular intervals. I am not even a tad bit embarrassed to admit that I carry a big bag full of snacks to work. Small meals such as an easy sandwich, nuts, baby carrots are prefect for munching. The Uniquely J collection has sandwich and snack bags which are not only beautifully designed, but most importantly are BPA free! Uniquely J also has snacks such as Cranberry Oat Mini Crisps and Almond Espresso Biscotti Thins that I loved.

8.15am – 8.30am : This time is for clean-up, quick make-up and Jet(tting) out of the door! No matter if I am running behind on schedule, cleaning up the mess before leaving the house is something I would never forego. Coming back in the evening to a messy dining table or a sink filled with dirty dishes is the last thing you want. The lemon-thyme-basil all-purpose cleaning wipes smell amazing and the best part? they are made from plant-based ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals. ( I care about these things a lot lately, #obsessivemom )

There’s one more thing I noticed about the Uniquely J products – the packaging is super cute and designed by artists. The snacks and sauces would actually be nice additions to hostess gift baskets. And just because these products are organic, clean and uniquely designed – doesn’t mean they are expensive. On the contrary they are reasonably priced making them a  perfect for everyday essentials that get used in bulk.


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