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We moved in our home a few years ago and have been decorating it slowly, one room at a time. Each room has been a labor of love, each solving a purpose, each reflecting our vision for the space, each a haven in some way! That might sound very dreamy and organized – but let me tell you one dirty secret. Like Monica’s secret closet ( from the show, Friends! … pray tell me you know the reference), there’s one room in the house where we had been dumping all the clutter and wasting the entire room.

Although our house came with a finished basement, the flooring was a mess. See the “before” picture below – chipped floor and stains in multiple places.

I’ve had big ( once you see the full reveal, you’ll know what I mean! ) plans for the room but to do anything in the room, the first thing needed was – fixing the floors! Getting new floors is an expensive and time-consuming project to take on and therefore we kept on pushing it out… Until we were introduced to Tarkett. Think wallpaper for the floors… well almost.

Sounds fascinating right? ( I sure was intrigued when I read about the installation instructions!) To install, you literally put the planks on your current flooring and align them by cutting using a utility knife as needed. We had to cut only the planks that were touching the walls. It’s that simple. I was worried that undertaking a new flooring project, when we have so much going on ( hello!! new parents here… ) would take up much time, be messy and overwhelming. On the contrary, Amit installed the floors over 2 days, working on them only a couple of hours per day. ( He never ceases to impress me! )  Quoting him – even if you are a novice when it comes to doing home projects, you can do this one easily.

We picked the Champion Oak floors from the Transcend Sureset line and I honestly couldn’t be more in love. You also have the option to consult with Tarkett designers who help you pick the right design for the look you are going for. I am so glad we were introduced to this flooring option and I couldn’t recommend it enough. It was quick, easy, non-messy, cost-effective and the outcome is simply stunning. Also, since the room we were upgrading is in the basement, durability was high up on our requirements for the floors and the Sureset line checks off on all of that.

The room literally took a 360 once the floors were installed. They lend such a luxe feel to the room. It couldn’t be more perfect for a dream closet space ( which will also be a nice backdrop for creating blog content ) The flooring is smooth and easy to clean which was very important to me when we were picking the flooring options, because soon Zoe and I will be playing dressup together in this beautiful space =))

Sneak preview of the room below… stay tuned for the full reveal next week. xo Neha


This post is sponsored by Tarkett NA. All opinions are my own.


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