Baby you are three months old today

Zoe, you are a big girl now! Three months old today… You are our Christmas tree topper … the angel who brings love and blessings every moment in our lives. Today I want to tell you about some values that I grew up with and that your addy and I believe in.

Be respectful. We light lamps on Diwali and we also put up a tree on Christmas. We eat sevai ( dessert ) on eid and throw colors on Holi. Don’t let any worldly factors create biases in your life. Look at the beautiful side of diversity and different perspectives, there is so much to learn, enjoy and celebrate.

Be a good friend.  If there is someone in your school who is being left out, go and include them. If on the bus someone doesn’t have a friend to sit with, be that friend who doesn’t let anyone sit alone. Share your toys, your cookies. And give big hugs.

Be kind. Be sensitive to the needs of others. But first – love yourself first. Love yourself unabashedly and respect yourself. Be your favorite person! And then you will see Zo, that the world will automatically feel like a beautiful place to be in.

Happy three month birthday, baby girl.

Love, Mumma.

And here’s a message from your Addy –

Happy 3 month bday Zoe, I love you so much. Be Brave and do not worry about anything in life. You just dream to achieve what you want and you will get it – Never give up.

Respect your elders and love everyone around you.





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