Daddy’s Girl and Our Impromptu Holiday Pajamas Photos

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A father – daughter relation is extremely special … I know it because I share one with my dad. It is the most blessed, beautiful relation in the world. When Amit and I found out that we were pregnant, I would ask him often – what kind of father will you be? Will you be over protective kind? will you get emotional holding the baby in your hands the first time?  And he always said … I don’t know yet. I have to get there and we’ll see.

And then, when we found out that we were having a girl, I asked him again. Will you be the dad standing between your girl and the world to shield her from all the boys ? Will you be okay when she dates? Will you be the internet dad doing her braids? Do you want her to be a girly girl? And he would say the same … we’ll know when we get there.

And then Zoe came in our lives. And instantly was born her “addy” too. ( more on Addy later )

He is mesmerized by her. He has a surge of emotions when he holds her. He is the one who held her when she got her vaccination shots. He wants her to be strong and playful and naughty and kind. He wants her to be dressed in cute frocks and also have pants with suspenders. He is the one who diligently files her nails every other day. He loves giving her baths, making her sleep on his stomach sitting on the rocker. He loves giving her massages. He is doing a wonderful father – I have seen such amazing sides of Amit … but this one … he is just the best at it.

And Zoe … she smiles the instant she sees Amit. While mumma has to make efforts at times to make her smile … all Amit has to do is stand in front of her. She is mesmerized by him. She laughs at everything he does … ( I am pretty sure in her head she is rolling her eyes and thinks why is addy acting so silly =)) ) She could sit all day on his lap while he massages her legs and hands. It’s the best seat in the house after all!

Many of you asked me … why “addy”? and not papa… or dad…or daddy. It is just something I came up with … I asked Amit what would he want Zoe to call him. And we were playing with papa, daddy, etc… but I said… it has to be something unique. something special. And hence Amit & Daddy came together as Addy =)) Special. Unique. Personal…. okay my heart melts  !!!

The holiday PJ pictures were so impromptu. I was putting up the outdoor lights and the postal guy came with these jammies. We put them on and sat outside and asked my mom to click a few pictures. It was getting dark, was a cold evening and Zoe was being very animated.. so the pictures are slightly blurry and you can barely see Zoe’s cute Santa outfit. But that’s the essence of being a family  … starting new traditions ( like having a coined name for dad ), perfect moments ( like sitting out on the steps and having fun putting lights together ) … and as for these blurry pictures … they are still the most beautiful and treasured. xo Neha

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