The best Gifts found at the mall + a Givenchy Giveaway

In this age of ads and inspiration popping up on your social media accounts, online shopping is quite the norm. But if you are like me, you love going to the mall during the holiday season. Looking  at the decked up store windows, the big tree standing pretty in the middle of a beautifully lit mall and … ofcourse … shopping for those on your list. Not to forget munching cinnamon sprinkled pretzels and sampling candy at the pop-up booths!

This holiday season, I took a trip to some of my favourite malls in the Boston area and picked my top 4 gift ideas. It does get overwhelming stepping into stores, getting lured by the deals that seem hard to pass up on and also, standing in the long checkout lines. So hopefully, these ideas below will help save some time and you can just make stops in the stores you need to, grab your gifts, get back home and resume watching the Hallmark Holiday movies. ( not judging … I am an addict! )

Gift Idea for Colleagues / Co-workers

These are people on our list who we see everyday but are still tough to shop for. Something not too personal but thoughtful is usually the rule of thumb. Also, if you are shopping for a few people at work who might share with each other what you got for them, it is best to stick to something within the same budget range. My favorite place to shop for multiple gifts in the same range ( as well as not too expensive)  is Primark.  Primark at the South Shore Plaza has a fabulous Home section that carries so many fun, whimsical, functional items that shopping there becomes a breeze. Also, if you have a Yankee Swap or Secret Santa kinda thing at the holiday party – you can grab the gifts.

Coffee mugs, candles, soft throws are gifts that you cannot go wrong with. There are a lot of pretty holiday decor items as well for unbelievable prices. Dont blame me if you have an overflowing cart. These gift tags – how cute are they?

Gift Idea for the Beauty obsessed Girlfriend

We all have those girlfriends who are obsessed with beauty products. I, myself love trying new products and adding them to my routine –  therefore was very excited to find the L’Occitane advent calendar at the Shops at Chestnut Hill. ( aka the home of Bloomingdales in Boston =)) )

There are so many L’Occitane products that I use on a regular basis such as the alomond oil wash, the milk concentrate cream and cant wait to sample those in the advent calendar. It will make the perfect gift for your girlfriends. And who doesn’t love a fun advent calendar filled with candies leading upto Christmas day – this one is only better. Without the calories and such fun goodies.

Gift Idea for the New Mom / New Parents

As a new mom myself, I am obsessed with taking pictures of my sweet baby girl.  I know how much new parents enjoy dressing up their babies so holiday PJs is a gift that you cannot go wrong with. The Hanna Andersson store at the Burlington Mall is my absolute favorite place to buy PJs. They have so many cute options – I seriously wanted to get them in so many varieties. Pajamas for the entire family will be a fabulous idea as well. Is there any better feeling than knowing that your gift will be used and that too with so much love and excitement? =))

Gift Idea for the guy that’s hard to shop for 

I swear, Amit is the hardest person to shop for. Especially when it comes to buying him clothes. Almost everything I get him gets returned, not so much because he doesnt like it ( atleast that’s what I like to think) but more so because of sizing. A couple of years ago, Amit started wearing shirts from UNTUCKit  and has been a huge fan since. Have your guys tried this brand? Amit swears by it! Shirts to be worn without tucking them in. And they opened their first store in the Copley Place. This blazer I got for the mister is so perfect for holiday parties.

And now … for a fabulous giveaway! From Givenchy! 

Enter the giveaway below to win a Givenchy Beauty Box. Good luck – xo Neha

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  1. My fave person to shop for is my 4 year old because she loves everything and appreciates everything lol. My least, is my 12 year old because she doesn’t tell me what she wants. Wants everything super expensive and electronic, like all the “kids” that age range. And we used to have the same taste in clothes but now she hates everything I pick out. Idk if it’s just to be difficult or if she really just changed that much… thank you for the chance! Glad I saw this in my mail

  2. This year it’s my bestie who is getting married after 10 years long wait. Sadly I couldn’t make it to her wedding as she is getting hitched in Chile.

  3. My favorite people to shop for ate my two daughters and my mother. I would buy them so much if I could.

  4. My favourite person to shop for is my daughter. I love the cute little fashions for babies!

  5. I love shopping for my Mom. I never get tired of spoiling her because she’s the most amazing woman in the whole world.

  6. My favorite person to shop for is my sister-in-law. It’s so easy cause her and I have very similar tastes.

  7. Love shopping for my niece. She’s thinks I’m the cool aunt so I’m a sucker and spend a ton 🙂

  8. I have a lot of fun shopping for my sister. She’s my favorite person and likes pretty much anything I get for her.

  9. Now I’m in my third trimester, so at the moment this baby is very special person in my life. This baby came to my life as miracle, when I thought I wont be able to become a Mom,.. It was a shocker moment when I came to know that I’m pregnant,.. So I’m collecting some cute stuffs for my baby,.. Thank you for your blog posts on Zoe,.. Cutest pictures,..

  10. My favorite person to shop for is my best-friend. We have the same style and I can wear most of her clothes too!

  11. I guess I have to pick I buy her 31 gifts for the month of December and she gets to open one a day. So I shop for special things on year long.

  12. I just LOVE shopping for my five year old daughter. She’s so much fun to shop for, and she’s definitely taking after her mommy- she actually circled a sparkly little reindeer purse and hair bows in the Christmas toy catalog. And she’s so excited and thankful for every gift!

  13. My 13 yo son is starting to really develop his style. I had a great time picking items for his wardrobe this year.

  14. My mom is my favorite person to shop for! She loves anything fashion or beauty – so it’s fun introducing her to new brands!

  15. My favorite person to shop for is my lovely daughter she is such a sweet child grown now but I love shopping for her.

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