3 Ways to Sneak in Dates With Your Spouse

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News Flash – Life is BUSY! I used to say all the time that life is so busy — with work, social commitments, managing a house, running a business … there’s just never enough time. Now put a baby in the center of all that. There is literally no time. I wont bore you by detailing out the state of my house or the pile of laundry lying behind a closed-door ( or may be I will ) or even telling you how I probably need to work on my time management skill – but one thing that I miss

is spending time with Amit.

Just sitting and having an adult conversation. Not getting distracted to clean some spit up or check on the diaper. Having important creative discussions , brainstorming ideas … we need that! We’ve been trying to sneak in some time here and there as and when possible. Ofcourse, a lot of it depends on our office schedules, dependent on if the nanny can stay a little longer, Zoe’s schedule … but to be honest, I even love planning the littles coffee dates now.

Here are a few things that we try doing and I’d love to know how you guys steal time for each other to adult!

  1. Lunch Date : It might sound like a cliched  statement, but don’t underestimate the power of a lunch date. Our offices are about 20 min apart, so we try to find a day where both of us have an open afternoon and decide to do lunch together. Nothing fancy – a quick salad at Nordstrom cafe in the mall or a bite at Panera. I love meeting like this – reminds me of college days. Sneaking in time from classes or in-between studying, driving for an hour and meeting for 20 minutes!
  2. Grab a Coffee : If we can co-ordinate and plan well, we leave office a bit early and meet at a coffee shop on our way home. We also have been doing our shoots like this – grab a coffee, go outside take pictures, rush home. Love the hustle !
  3. Movie Night : Now this one is pretty easy. Not much planning to be done. We both love watching TV. After putting Zoe to sleep for the night – we keep our phones aside, make some popcorn ( or order pizza! ) and have a cozy night in …

These are really little things but sometimes I feel that planning for that smallest meeting is like planning for an overseas trip. So many logistics to be considered. Besides, we might only be talking about Zoe or watching her pictures on the phone ( oh! parents =)) )  But we try and in my book … that counts. xo Neha


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