Recent OOTDs ( Pieces on Sale )

Sweater, faux-leather leggings ( my fav! ), boots, stroller, stroller cot, beanie, sunnies

Happy Friday! The weather has been playing some serious seesaw games these past few days here in Boston. It went from being below zero to 55 today! I also did one of the coldest shoots for the blog last week with two pairs of socks stuffed inside my boots.  And am planning to do one today with pumps. hah!

There have been quite a few outfits that I shot in the last few months, but dint get around to posting them on the blog. I was on a slow posting schedule, getting adjusted to the new mom routine. A lot of my outfits are on sale, I am sharing them below – incase you want to snag some pieces.

Also, another piece of business – I recently started my weekly newsletter that I am so excited about. I write as if I am talking to a friend – sharing life updates, what I am reading, what podcast I am loving lately, something that caught my eye when while shopping that I know my friend would love to hear about 👭 Having said that – Are we friends yet? you can sign up here – xo Neha


Cape, leggings, over the knee boots, turtleneck

weekends tee, black blazer

velvet off-shoulder dress, pumps, YSL bag

pink sweater, grey over the knee boots, sunnies, beanie

fur-trimmed vest, sunnies

sweater-poncho, nerd glasses

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  1. Nice pictures,.. summer is almost started here also,. So missing cold weather

  2. Gosh the weather has been so crazy here in Chicago too! Also, totally snagged that weekend top! HAD to have it!! Thank you for always stopping by!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

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