Tips For Taking Photos In Extremely Cold Weather

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The perk of living in Boston is that you get to see so many beautiful seasons – distinct Spring, a glorious Summer, world-famous Fall and the snowy wonderland in the Winters. But the winters here are so brutal that stepping outside the car to go to a coffee shop also becomes dreadful. Now imagine if you have to take pictures, do photoshoots in this cold, windy weather!

Last few days have been so cold in Boston, apparently Mars like temperatures. I get asked all the time from my friends ( with big eyes in curiosity and exaggerated hands in the air ) – How do you do it? Huh!

Being in the cold is inevitable and not shooting content is not an option. I also get asked many a times from readers and bloggers who are starting on how that can be done to continue doing photoshoots in a place like Boston, where the extremely cold weather lasts atleast four months of the year.

I am sharing some tips on how to take pictures in the winters.

  1. Plan in advance: With good weather, you have the luxury of walking around the location, picking walls/backgrounds, etc. that you’d like to include in the picture. But when it is brutally cold outside, have all those things preplanned. If necessary, scout the location a day prior to the shoot so you are familiar with it and when you go to do the pictures, you exactly know the angles and spots you need your pictures in. Also, discuss with your photographer the accessories you’d like to be highlighted, so in the little time you are braving the weather, you both are ready with the checklist.
  2. Keep the car running: Hopping in and out of the car between shots is something we resort to at times. It keeps you relatively warm and you can use the breaks to do a quick check on the pictures to see how they are going.
  3. Pick strategic locations: You can shoot inside cafes and libraries. Try to time the shoots at non-busy hours so you have flexibility of moving around, for spots with best lighting. Get creative with photoshoots inside diners, malls, hotel lobbies, etc.
  4. Enjoy it: Easier said than done right? When the wind is blowing right in your face and it is so cold that you can barely feel your fingers and it might seem like are toes are about to fall off…if I say enjoy it, you might want to punch me. But in all honesty – relax! Just relax for a bit, big breaths, rub your hands, shake your head… relax! Your will feel like your shoulders are starting to loosen up a bit and you can pose/smile better for the camera. If you have braved the weather and come out to take the pictures, give yourself a big pat on the back and might as well have fun while doing it. Amit and I laugh so much while doing them because in most pictures I can barely smile, my face is frozen, he hates shooting with gloves on so after a while, he can’t even press the camera button –  but between those painfully, funny moments, we end up capturing some good shots.
  5. Keep your cool: When the elements of nature are against you and you can barely feel your toes, trust me – it is easy to get frustrated – on both sides of the camera. Cooperate with each other, give enough time to each other to get comfortable. Good pictures are the outcome of a good partnership between the photographer and the subject – so getting impatient will only be counterproductive.
  6. Be prepared to re-shoot: Now this one is really important if you are working on a shoot that has a deadline ( doesn’t have to be for a blog – but an anniversary/maternity/family photoshoot) – always leave some leeway incase you need to reshoot since sometimes it might just not be possible. It might be too windy or too cold to have captured anything that you like. So like anything else, don’t wait till the last-minute. I remember this one time when it was so cold that I was almost in tears but we both braved the cold and completed a photoshoot. After coming home, we realized that all the pictures were so blurry that we had to head back the next day, in worse temperatures and reshoot.

Now your turn! I’d love to know how’s the weather where you are? Does it get really cold? xo Neha


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  1. Is that a full hat or just a headband?! I have a full hat but have been looking for a headband!! Also, love all of the tips!! Would love for you to stop by and check out the latest!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

    1. Ahhh thanks so much, Pratheeba for saying that.
      We love doing this and that is the biggest inspiration 🙂

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