What to pack for a baby for a weekend/road trip

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I actually had another post scheduled for today, but we just came back from a weened trip and I had so many messages from readers sharing their experience of the first trip with baby and many of you who had trips coming up asking for details on how it went for us. So I decided to put this post together.

Let me start by saying, I thought I overpacked for a weekend trip. Turns out – I did not! A baby does need a lot of stuff. Here is a checklist of the items that I packed, packed and did not use, did not pack and hoped that I had carried.

  • Diapering
    • Diapers – As many as you typically use in a day + a few extra for each day
    • Diaper changing pads. I always keep these disposable ones at hand and also keep these ones with a little padding. They come in handy while changing in restaurants, service plazas where the changing table is hard plastic.
    • Diaper Rash Cream
    • Wipes
    • Diaper trash bags (with dispenser) – I like these ones as they lock the odor.
    • Hand sanitizer. I am so particular about sanitizing – I think I keep a sanitizer everywhere. In the car (front and back seat), my purse, diaper bag, suitcase.
  • Clothes and Accessories
    • Night PJs, onesies, dressy outfits.
    • Socks, mittens.
    • Winter wear: Because we went in peak winters here in New England – caps/beanies, snow suit, jacket
    • Accessories such as headbands, shoes.
  • Nursing/Feeding
    • Breast Pump and all the accessories
    • Car adaptor for breast pump – if you need to pump while on the road. So helpful for long trips.
    • Baby feeding bottles
    • Bottle cleaning soap
    • Bottle cleaning brush (I forgot to take this, so I just rinsed the bottle under hot water for a few extra seconds each time)
    • Formula – I always keep it at hand while traveling even for a few hours. The ready to feed ones are a good option.
    • Bibs and Burp cloths. You can never have too many clean ones.
    • Napkins to wipe the bottles and accessories after washing
    • Feeding Pillow – I dint carry mine and used the pillows available in the hotel but a few of you mentioned that you’ll carried it on your trips with baby.
    • Nursing cover
    • Bottle warmer
    • Icebox – I wished we had carried this for bringing back the pumped milk. We used big ziploc bags filled with ice.
    • Milk storage bags
  • Toiletries
    • Travel sized baby body wash
    • Massage/Hair/Body oil
    • Body lotion
    • Hair brush
    • Inflatable bathtub – I dint carry this but a reader recommended this and I think it’s a great idea.
  • Medicines/related stuff
    • Gripe Water – we just keep this at hand when we are out incase if baby is fussy.
    • Any supplements that you might be using – such as Vitamin D
    • Nose frida
    • Rectal thermometer
    • Nail filer
  • Sleep Related
    • Blankets – Our hotel had a bassinet, but we chose to have her sleep on a bed. So a blanket to keep under. Another blanket to cover her in the stroller.
    • A swaddle incase your baby is used to sleeping in one.
    • White noise machine. We carried the Halo Snoozy Pod – it comes with a white noise options + a vibrating soother.
  • Baby Gear
    • Car seat – obviously
    • Stroller & Carry Cot
    • Car seat Rain / Wind cover
    • Baby Carrier. We love this carrier and use it all the time – outside as well as when moving around the house.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Diaper Bag
    • Pacifier and Pacifier wipes
    • Toys
    • Books
    • Clear pouches for organizing: Because the socks, mittens, headbands, etc. are so tiny – I love these transparent pouches to organize them.
    • Laundry bag and a few extra plastic bags


That is a lot of stuff for a weekend trip, right? But we used each and everything listed here.  Hope this helps if you have one coming up. And if you have any other things that you used that I havent inclued here – please share in the comments and I’ll  update this list. xo Neha



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  1. What a great helpful post, girl! Such great things to consider to make life much easier. As I’m sure, traveling with a baby isn’t necessarily a walk in the park, but packing can be 🙂 Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



  2. I often pack my families I nanny for on their trips and I have so forgotten stuff or over packed but as the kiddos got older I remember packing snack bags and comfort toys!
    Thank you for always stopping by! xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

    1. comfort toys is such a good suggestion.
      I have to make a note of that for our next trip.

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