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I am obsessed with this coat !! Now, that’s a line I don’t use loosely – especially when it comes to clothes. I can really like something, even love a piece… but obsessed is another level. Black-white, faux-fur, oversized, warm, cozy, chic –  all ingredients that make up a statement coat. I also love the stripes that give it such an edge.

My favorite part about a statement outerwear is that, I don’t have to think too much about rest of the outfit. Most times, I am wearing a simple cashmere turtleneck inside. I like that perk about winter dressing, it doesn’t take much of an effort to put together a quick yet chic outfit.

We took these pictures on our trip to Maine.The water was frozen in parts and it made for such a pretty backdrop.  It was a beautiful winter day – Zoe loved the stroll along the pier. She simply loves it when the wind hits her face. We got the rain cover for our Stokke stroller which was super helpful because it started drizzling a bit. I can’t wait for the winter to pass and for longer days, to be out even more. Every time I am dressing up or putting her snow jacket on, she gets so excited throwing her hands in the air and makes these high pitch squeals! She might be little, but it amazing how much these little ones observe and associate things with. xo Neha

My outfit : Faux-fur coat, turtleneck, jeans, over the knee boots, sunnies

Zoe’s outfit : set including vest & baby leggings, Kimi+Kai shoes 


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  1. Yes, yes and hell YEAH! Love the b and w faux fur paired with foxy boots- such a winter slammer! and how coooote is your lil one- cooteness overload and I didn’t miss out on the pink accents! ( :

  2. This is easily one of the most gorgeous fluffy faux fur coats I’ve seen in the blogosphere. Looks so cozy and stylish! Really perfect for the over-the-knee boots! That’s how you look fab on snow!

    Jessica |

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