Every First Milestone of yours … I Remember : A Letter to my Baby

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Zoe’s outfit : romper, shoes, headband from Carter’s 

A sappy post coming your way. You have been warned. Bring tissues =))

Bringing you home from the hospital is such a vivid memory I have. I remember asking the nurse, if we could stay a few days longer. I was afraid to bring you home away from the safe haven of the hospital – what did we know about taking care of a baby.

I remember, your Addy looking at me as we kept your car seat down after coming home and at the same time, both of us – two clueless people saying to each other – “now what should we do” =))

I remember, how tiny you were. Nestled against my chest as both of taught each other how to nurse. And how I cried with happiness when you latched. I forget where I end and where you begin. It is like we are one. My baby, you are a part of me.

I remember, the first smile you gave me. I was convinced it was for me and moreover, I probably did something to make you smile. I was so proud.

And how it tore my heart when you got your first shot at the doctor’s office. I couldn’t bear to see you cry and big fat tears coming down your eyes. I clutched your Addy’s hand as he held you – strongly holding both his girls. I remember.

And I remember the morning you rolled over. We were making pancakes in the kitchen, while you were playing in your baby gym on your tummy. And when I turned around, there you were lying on your back, continuing with your playing like nothing had happened. Oh my God, Zoe – you had rolled over!! I felt such a wave of happiness that only a parent can understand. We kept putting you on your tummy again and again, and you kept rolling on your back, again and again. It was like you were trying to impress us. Oh Baby – we are so impressed. We danced. I remember.

The curiosity in your eyes is such a beautiful thing. I see the world and all its little things through your eyes and realize how simple and beautiful everything is. The way you lock your eyes at something when you are fascinated or pull things towards you to enjoy the texture and taste them. Every little first of yours is so special to me. I will always remember those moments and cherish them.

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  1. Neha! You have me in tears! Glad I am reading this at home so I can just let it all out. What a sweet post – I am sure this is going to be a wonderful memory when little Zoe is a big girl. You are a fabulous mama!

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