Happy Half Birthday, my baby girl

Zoe, you are six months old! I am constantly in awe of how you are growing into this beautiful girl. My tiny munchkin, who fit in her addy’s arms is now got our entire world wrapped around her little finger.

You are curious, always reaching out to touch people’s faces.

You naughty little girl, you have started imitating us. Pretend coughing is something you do to grab our attention. And when mumma coughs back, you cough louder.

You think your feet or the shoes on them are your toys and are always putting them in your mouth.

You have a sweet tooth like your mumma… oh how you love licking nutella, peanut butter or cake frosting off mumma’s fingers. You love bananas and lentils but carrots, not so much.

You love your baths and had so much fun, the first time we went in the pool. You addy is waiting to open our backyard pool so we can all have some splash time in the summers.

You love people around you, always smiling at everyone. You clap your hands when we sing, when you are happy and you know. And you give tiny high-fives.

Each morning, I look and you and it makes me so happy. I love our extra long time in the bed on weekends with the three of us snuggling.

You love your addy so much, it makes me tear up looking at the two of you. You laugh so hard at every silly thing he does. You start smiling just listening to addy whistling from another room.

You love it when mumma and Zoe dance. You put your hands in the air the moment you see me and I miss you when I am not holding you in my arms.

Your addy and I love you so much. You are always in my prayers. Baby, remain happy and smiling always laugh a lot and dance a lot, aways remain curious and reach for the stars. Always remember that there is nothing that you cannot do and that your mumma and addy, love you so so much! You are our world. Our baby girl.

Happy six months birthday Zoe.


  1. Cutest baby. You describe your emotions so well. Please make a book of all your letters to zoe.

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